Hey Poopsies! Demonstration and use of the ipad pro, iphone 6s, and ipad case and iphone cases as well as explanation of the lightning to USB cables and headphone jacks. Sorry, we are all sold out of Apple computers, macbook pros, and mousepads. SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Bruh I have an ipad like that info it's like a 1,000 dollars cause unlimited data and it runs on Verizon so far it's the biggest iPad in iPhones 👍

  2. He looks better without makeup, his face is to damn hard for makeup it makes him look super ugly.

  3. You’re always alone in your green screen wallpapers? Maybe make some dynamic ones?

  4. He says that the first tech 21 case is for girls… I'm a guy and i have that case

  5. Am not a iPhone person big fan on Samsung myself but enjoyed the whispering on this video Tony

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