10+ MUST KNOW – Apple Watch Tips and Tricks (Watch OS 5)

Apple Watch Series 4
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  1. thank you. I didn't know that long pressing the flash button could activate camera flash . awesome!

  2. I learnt about everything in this video through my first two weeks with the watch. I was hoping for something new.

  3. Thank you for the grayscale mode! My previous iwatch I like the monocolor on the infograph watch face. They need an update iwatch 4 software! Again thank you for the grayscale and the battery life too!!!!

  4. I wish the Apple Watch 3 could get that BEAUTIFUL complication that is shown in the opening of this video

  5. thank u for the tips . my question is what is the watch screen ( face ) u r using ( its not chronograph right ? ) i like all the detail around . thank you

  6. My wife and i have recently ordered Apple Watch 4’s and have been looking for tips on how to use them while they’re in transit. Your videos are very helpful and we’ll be returning to view them again to learn all we can about our new devices. Many thanks🙏🏻😊

  7. Had the series 4 for 3 days and had to return to Best Buy the screen was scrolling in and out by itself so disappointed in the product

  8. You can click the Digital Crown on the watch to stop the ringing as well. Nice video man! Just subbed.

  9. Your find my iPhone tip could’ve been better because you completely missed your opportunity to tell people that they can just ask Siri to find the watch without having to log into anything

  10. weather app (3:40) you don't have to hold finger on screen, you can simple just tap in the middle of screen and will change to rain percentage, condition or temperature.

  11. These are great tips! There’s so much to explore, thanks for sharing this!

  12. Nice! I knew some of the things you showed, but the ones I didn’t know are gems. TFS!

  13. Can wait to get my very first Apple Watch! So happy I waited for this series 4 – I am so excited, this tips got me a better idea how to start working with it and set it up! Thanks!!!!

  14. I didn’t know about the tap to hold to flash the iPhone camera light when pinging. Learnt something new today. Tnx

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