$120 Fake iPhone XS Max – How Bad Is It?

Is a $120 iPhone XS Max too good to be true? Can a fake Apple iPhone XS Max clone actually be usable? We unbox and review the newest clone phone to hit the market, the fake iPhone XS Max. How does it hold up against the actual iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS?

$120 Fake iPhone XS Max:

Huge iPhone XS Max Gold Giveaway – 3 Million Subscriber Special

Ultimate iPhone XS Max Water Test – Secretly NOT…


  1. I’ve never seen this guy before but I’m subscribed some how. He’s wrong a fake Gucci shirt. (I guess)

  2. I miss it when you were like super crazy in your videos. You're HILARIOUS to watch when you're like that dude. xD

  3. If those are real iPhones stacked up in background then that’s worth more than my life 😂

  4. yow keaton, can you give me your old iphone because i really want to have an iphone but i dont have money to buy it so yah haha. if you gonna give me your old iphone here my twitter @aqil61 and my instagram @_aqil_asyraaf thankyou🤗

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