14 things you are doing WRONG on your Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 is awesome, but there are 14 things you need to change on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to get the best features out of the Note9

Once you change these tips and tricks your Note9 will be taken to another level on this note 9 review!

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Thank you Verizon for…


  1. Maybe to some just the basics but to me very very handy and included bits i thought had been lost on my new phone

  2. I just got my Note 9 yesterday
    If I hadn't already applied the same great tips from another video earlier, yours would have been quite helpful. I subscribed and am looking forward to viewing your other videos. Thank you!

  3. Great tips. I hated not having easy access to the brightness control, and recent apps as a list is better as well.

  4. I'm new to Android and bought the S9 at launch. This is very helpful. I just learned a few cool tips. Thank you for this video!

  5. Sure would like Dolby Atmos on my Note 8 without rooting. Maybe in 9.0?

  6. Just subscribed! Off topic?
    Im looking for a music app to download all my music from itunes that don't charge a fee and works with Bixby and or Google? Any suggestions?

  7. What should I do to block Amazon and ReddifMONEYNEWS notifications that suddenly pops on screen?

  8. Time 9:46 Thanks great Tips 👍🏻
    In the StatusBar can add Seconds to the Clock ?
    Like it is in Stock Android phones ?

  9. I'm new to android and have been an iPhone user since the 3GS. This video was awesome and really helpful! Thank you.

  10. So I have a note 9 that I've owned for JUST over the 14 day "remorse" period with AT&T. Well, perhaps the new Samsung "exploding battery" issue yet to be addressed with this new Note will be the fact that the S-Pen can get stuck in the housing. NOT by putting it in backwards, but simply by putting it in the device. Mine got lodged in the device somehow, and it appears to be the clicking mechanism on the S-Pen itself. So I take it to an AT&T the and store rep, who was confident after looking at it that it would be replaced, also opted to try to dig it out with a paperclip, scratching the hell out of it and the device. The store orders a replacement device, and it shows up at my house WITHOUT AN S PEN. After a long, annoying, and absurd 3 way phone conversation with Samsung and AT&T, it was determined that neither wants anything to do with sending me an S-Pen replacement. Then the person on the AT&T side said to prevent me from being charged for the replacement phone they sent I need to send the replacement back, and mail in my phone to Samsung. Samsung said I can send it in to be repaired by Samsung which can take 2 weeks, and will leave me without a phone. Since it's not a known issue (yet) I'm pretty much left with no reasonable options. Also, they are only offering to "repair" my phone so now I have to live with the phone that was scratched up BY THE AT&T STORE REPRESENTATIVE because do you really think they are going to own up to what they did to my phone (the scratches?).

    Just consider this before you drop $1200 on one of the most expensive phones available only to deal with unacceptable inconveniences just a few weeks into owning it. Also make sure you are finding a cellular provider that cares, and make sure you are buying a device from a company that owns up to their issues, not just out of fear of lawsuits but because they can recognize that there may be a manufacturing issue caused on their end.

    AT&T's response: "Blame the phone manufacturer"
    Samsung's response: "Blame the company you purchased the phone through"

  11. Thumbnail and title are extremely deceiving. Wasted my time watching this waiting for something I haven't already seen.

  12. I don't subscribe based on view count or subs. I subscribe when I feel I've received some professional, educational reviews/videos. It's not about the subs, but the effort behind each video and I can tell you put hard work into it. Keep'er up! Btw, I subbed if you missed the point of this comment 😛

  13. I just got finished setting up my Note9 and I am surprised no one has mentioned that it comes pre-installed with CNN's app. It's such a joke. (The app, not the reviews 🙂 )

  14. What is that small bar under the navigation bar? I have a note 9 and don't have that bar

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