15 iOS 7 Battery Saving Secret Tips!

In today’s video, I showed 15 essential secret tips on conserving your battery life after upgrading to the Apple’s iOS 7 operating system!

There are a couple of new features that are nice to eye candy but are not really battery friendly hence here’s 15 things you can do to improve on your battery life.

1 Turn off “Air Drop” – using control centre swipe up and set to OFF
2 Turn off Bluetooth When not in use Settings — Bluetooth OR Control Center toggle bluetooth
3 Turn Off WIFI – Settings…


  1. it must've been so hard for you to talk this long,I feel you sister

  2. also when i turn off the reduce motion settings also when i transfer from the home screen to an app it is not as smooth 

  3. Hi simon, nice review thanks. Do you know if 3g or wifi uses more battery? 

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