15 Things I noticed during Apple’s DISAPPOINTING iPhone XS Keynote

I’m sorry…was that not THE MOST underwhelming Apple iPhone Keynote Ever? What was the biggest news for the new iPhone’s?

There was nothing that stood out in the keynote. We got the usual, new chips, better design, better camera and a bunch of technical jargon that most people won’t care about but why do I think it was underwhelming?

Because there wasn’t anything that seemed to really push the iPhone into future. The iPhone X was FaceID and this amazing new technology called…


  1. 5:47, this was a really bad example photo for Phil to use to demonstrate this clever "DSLR imitation" mode, and I'm surprised he used it at all, because it demonstrates exactly what is WRONG with using a small phone camera with clever software to try to emulate the look of an expensive DSLR with a big sensor and a big wide aperture lens. You see the girls arm? It's on the SAME FOCAL PLANE as her FACE… So if you took this photo with a DSLR with a wide aperture, the background and foreground would be blurry, but her arm, being on the same focal plane as her face would remain very sharp. But the software got confused, kept her face mostly sharp, but blurred her arm, which just makes the whole effect fail, for anyone who knows how depth of field and focal planes work; anyone who has done real photography…

  2. Such a good boy sitting to attention the whole time in his little business suit… 🙂

  3. Why dont people notice that the note 8 introduced the post-bokah thing lol. Not to mention the 9 has an all day (day and a half for me) battery. Expanding storage, minimum of 128gb. The iPhone is a joke in 2018, the xr lol don't get me started with a screen that is not 1080p in 2018.

  4. Literally ALL of your uploads since posting this is about Apple. You should be so thankful to Apple for your clickbait!

  5. I love this video!! I hate how Apple gets fans only through their minimalistic trendy ads.
    Samsung advertises by showing off their features compared to Apple, while Apple just shows a screen and colors, animoji??? wow cool, sides of the phones, and who else cares.

  6. The comments that are from Apple fanboys are hilariously wrong. We get it guys. Android phones have been able to do (a lot) of stuff that these iPhones have introduced. But hey, if you like Apple, go for the iPhone. Nothing wrong with them (besides that price 💰💰💰) so have fun!

  7. I've been an iPhone fan till 6s plus. It's good to know the Xs and Xs Max have improved over X but prices are far from reach just as much as buying a Mac! For that I might as well get a good Android phone that's if I really need a new one!

  8. this guy in the video looks like he's got one hand on his angry inch. What's up with that?

  9. The XR doesn’t have an aluminum back, it’s
    Glass, and will work with wireless charging.

  10. There will always be hype and competition. What would everyone do if Samsung didn't exist in the smartphone world or if Apple didn't exist in the smartphone world? No one would complain if everyone was using the exact identical platform. It's like when you had windows phones before android…

  11. Yeah, nothing convincing to switch over to Apple when Samsung s9 Plus does things way more better

  12. Not waterproof? Look at Samsung note 9 vs xs max waterproof test lmao the xs max won

  13. Apple is really getting behind while other cellphones manufacturers are moving forward. I'm surprised nobody commited suicide out of pure boredom. We get it, apple you have the fancy schmany features and more technical jargon which is used as marketing stunt but what else do you have that the other brands don't…. NOTHING!

    I respect Apple for their software but seeing this stunt is just wave 👋 to you. Give 6 months tops that it will drop their sales.


  14. Every "new" feature in an iPhone is exciting to an Apple fanboy. Sadly, it's all old news to users of Android phones. The iPhone are lacking innovation, and lagging behind. The only forward moving component is the price. Give Apple fanboy the Apple logo and he will empty his pocket for it. Just for the logo and nothing else.

  15. i own a macbook pro retina (2014) and a iphone 7. there is no reason to buy new products. i switched from the iphone 5s to the iphone 7 and thats fine, but its my last iphone

  16. I have an iPhone X and plan to use it for three years, so the Apple Watch is what was of interest to me. I'm not buying the $1k one though, I'll get aluminium.

  17. Agreed. Not buying it until they give us what we are paying for.

  18. I am staying with my iPhone 7 plus red edition until they come out with a new iPhone with a new technology or a completeey new iOS something completely new otherwise I'm sticking with that phone for a while. Seems to be a common trend today where they have annual updates with minimal changes with maximum cost. I'm not falling for that I work hard for im not going flush it down the drain

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