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Here’s how to get 2 day battery life out of an Apple Watch


  1. That is not full 2 days my friend… if u can use math… 48 hours will be two days… so pretty much ur watch only has 1 day n 12 hr 25 battery life… my watch have 10 left after literaly using it for 1 day and 19 hours and 6 hours usage … without disactivating anything… that is literally 48 hours … not 1 day and half lol… use some math bro… n replace ur battery aswell

  2. why do people complain about the battery so much? i wake up at around 8-9 and go to bed around 10 and i have like 40% left and idk what the gripe is about charging it every night like you charge your phone every night so it's no big deal to me

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