Apple AirPods vs Samsung Gear IconX, which are the best pair of truly wireless earphones?
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  1. I have the samsung gear it work awesome and sound quality is the best I had jaybird it sucks the I returned it i happy with Samsung gear try then fly

  2. Ugh… I know I'm in the minority but I prefer the airpods design more yet have a Samsung phone. I hate in-ear headphones, they're super uncomfortable.

  3. what's wrong with your nails, dude?! Привёл бы в порядок для обзора!

  4. Anyone use the Icon x and run?

    I want to know if they will fall out if im running.

  5. I have an iPhone 8 plus and i personally think icon x are way better than air pods (specially if you consider the health features plus 4gig of internal storage, like really?), but if I buy icon x it won't be 100% compatible with my iPhone. So I got no other option than to buy air pods. Apple is a very clever company 😕

  6. I use IconX almost every dan in the gym (reason I bought them) and I have to say 2 years have passed and I couldn't go back to wired buds

  7. You get 7 hours with the samsung using the memory in the ear buds. You can store 1000 thousand songs on your samsung earbuds and dont need your phone to do it. You also have a keep fit instucter in the earbuds. . As for volume it is set to maxium so you cant damage your ears. How ever you can nearly double the volume after the earbuds says extra volume can damage your ears. The sound is fantastic. The samsung earbuds are a great product. 7 hours battery life earbuds stand alone or conected to the phone is 3.5 hours with 10 recharge time. The samsung earbuds are much more than wifi blue tooth earbuds . You got all that iphone earbuds and much much more.. The samsung X bud 2018 are far superior product to the iPods. Make sure its samsung 2018 model with extra battery life.

  8. i dont see gear iconx that bad tho coz like if i travel its like 2 hours top and i have sammsung 7 edge so i dont have another option…

  9. The 2018 icon x earbuds are way better than the older ones. The charge lasts almost as long as my phone and the sound is amazing. They even came free with my phone when I bought from Samsung

  10. The iconx is better. here are the reasons:

    1-it is Newer (2018)
    2-it has 4 gigs for downloading up to 1000+ songs
    3-it has smart features like a heart rate monitor
    4- it has better touch controls because you can do more things with the it
    5- it charges faster
    6-it comes in multiple colors
    7- it is a second gen compared to the airpods(apple first gens suck)
    8- it has better noise isolation
    9-it has interchangeable silicone tips
    10- it is sweat proof.

    And thats why the iconx 2018 are miles better then the airpoops.

  11. This guy is an Apple fan boy all the way I have AirPods and just got gear and the gear hands down wins

  12. I got the Apple Air Pod because you get good conneck to to laptop ob Bluetooth

  13. I love my AirPods. These are an absolute godsend. As someone who’s owned many Bluetooth earphones these have been the best. Great for workouts, super comfortable (no fatigue) and stupid simple to use. These integrate seamlessly into my life. The case makes these hard to lose.

  14. My iPod connect with my icon x perfectly! Even iOS6(Which I downgrade my iPod to for better performance) is compatible.

  15. Iconx

    • better looking
    • water resistant
    • will fit mostly everybody
    • better touch system
    • better sound


    Just EarPods with no wire sound the same look the same feel the same

  16. With the new update AirPods can now skip forward and back. They can also play/pause and prompt Siri

  17. Thank you, I have the GearIconX and i was debating on if I should get AirPods

  18. Probably just saved me a couple hundred dollars. I’ll just stick to my wireless beats x

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