All Samsung 2018 4k TVs Compared –

Overview of the Samsung TV brand and their lineup of models sold in 2018.

Samsung NU6900

Samsung NU7100



  1. Very interestedin the NU6900 for PS4 and Switch gaming as well as Netflix and movies. Any personal thoughts? I am going from an old Samsung DLP tv to this. Thank you!

  2. Frys in america is selling the 75 NU8000 for 1199.99 (In store only). Picked one up last night and its great!

  3. I’m curious how the Q7 can be brighter than the Q8 according to your test results. Does it actually emit more nits despite being edge lit versus the Q8’s full arrays of LEDs?

  4. Question regarding the 2018 75” Q8F. I have a 60” wide entertainment center, and the width of the tv from the website is 66.1 inches. I want to know if this tv will fit because the stands on the tv are a little bit off of the corners, but is it far enough from the corners that I can fit this on my 60 inch wide entertainment center? Basically I would need a spare 4 inches or so on each side from the stands to the end. Can someone please tell me if I have room? Thank you.

  5. how to update browser lg smart tv to google 70

  6. lol @ people in the comments section mentioning Sony TV's. Look guys…Sony TV's are slower than my grandmother….no need to even mention the Sony TV's also known as turtles for their horrible input lag. If Sony TV's were an Olympic athlete competing in the Olympics in track and field….they'd be men with no legs.

  7. Crap reviews dot com, worst place to get your info from. People go else where to get your recommendations

  8. Hey Rtings, do you know what's the difference between Q7FN and the EU version of Q8FN?

  9. I had this dilemma since a week whether to buy NU7100 or NU8000 and finally bought the NU8000 55” model today. I could have saved almost 200 euros with NU7100 but since I’m playing PS4, thought the NU8000 would be great. I still don’t know if I made a good choice or I should have saved that money …

  10. Hey everyone I have a question. Am looking for new TV but I really don't know what to buy the LG C8 or Samsung Q9FN help pls and thanks alot ?

  11. Their analysis is excelent, they only lack the NU7400 model, they do not say anything relates to this product. I suggest you perform relative analysis.

  12. I'm still holding onto my Samsung Plasma as long as I can as my main TV. It may lack 4K and HDR and all that jazz, but I have yet to find a TV that makes watching a fast paced NHL game more enjoyable. Smooth as silk those plasmas are.

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