Android Pay vs Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay Overview

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Mobile Payments are undoubtedly the future, but which is the best? Here’s everything you need to know about Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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  1. Damn! China has been doing that since the stone age. We are falling too far behind.

  2. Samsung pay works almost anywhere I have no clue why Apple didn't support mst transactions

  3. Apple pay all the way, ever since this was introduced I hardly ever need to carry any cash with me ??

  4. got a samsung yesterday, survived my whole work shift without Pin or wallet <3

  5. This should tell you right here android is never going to catch up to Apple in the cell phone department.

  6. While I agree the magnetic payment thing in Samsung pay is definitely a positive, I am yet to come across a store that does not accept contactless payments (I'm in Australia).

  7. i keep listening to him saying 'the way we pay for things is chaangiiing
    Seriously go back to the start and listen

  8. Samsung you input most card details by urself like your name and address. I dont know how but android has all that shit when it scans your card.

  9. If you use this then your as much a slave to bankers who can control you even more. Cash is crap, but they are still restricted. This gives them unlimited power as there can never be a run on any bank.

  10. Failed to mention the security protocols that Apple Pay has.
    1. The Secure Element – a chip embedded in the processor that stores credit card information directly on the device, and not in any cloud/server.
    2. The one time use token. Each time you use Apple Pay, a random credit card number is generated in the event that your transaction got intercepted there is no way to steal your information because the thieves get a fake account number.
    That is why Apple Pay does not work with magnetic strips like Samsung Pay does, which is unsafe.
    Not a fanboy here but there's a reason why more banks support Apple Pay and why Apple doesn't enable MST.

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