App Unlocking with Fingerprint Sensor on Redmi Note 3

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 has a fingerprint sensor and you can lock your sensitive apps and you can then unlock them using the fingerprint scanner and I show you how to do the same in this video.

Redmi Note 3 is sold in India via Amazon

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  1. Can i know that this phone OS is upgraded to marshmallow officially or not ?

  2. @Geekyranjit, is the finger print sensor facility atleast now available in stable version?
    If not, atleast would it be available in note 4?

  3. Facing a lot of Issues with it after its getting frequently turned OFF automatically. DO you have any idea about the solution to this problem?

  4. my mi note3..3gb ram purchased 1 month back nw my phone strugells with batry even when phone is idil it consumes more battry i have experience that battry consumes 25% from night 10pm to morning 7am even phone is idel…can u make any help..

  5. redmi note 3 is a bad mobile phone, i have purchase and inset sim card using bsnl sim and air tel , all network simbol continiously disconnected and showing cross mark

  6. Why the new red me note 3 cannot setup finger print lock I do like that so many times but doesn't work that one my questions why not working that one

  7. is this necessary to setup finger print while booting?? becoz i did not setup and now if i go to fingerprint setting it asks me to select either pattern or pincode and if i select either of them , it remains same.. no matter how many times i select and setup either of them, it does not go to finger scanning option..

  8. on redmi note 3 after locking apps with fingerprint scanner when i open app it require password or fingerprint but second time when i open same app it open without requiring password or finger print

  9. Sir i will lock some apps with fingerprint scanner lock
    When i just tap to application which will be it give message required of fingerprint lock
    When i tap Same application it does not give required message of fingerprint lock

  10. I am having different issue that is when unlocking the device with fingerprint sensor if my hand is placed near proximity sensor the device is not unlocking.does the same issue is on your device???reply

  11. Redmi note 3 App unlocking via fingerprint sensor
    1.App- security app- 2.App lock option3.choose option "unlock by fingerprint"

  12. my red mi note 3 is of MIUI Global 7.3 Stable (LHOMIDD), Fingerprint senasor is not working. please help

  13. hello my redmi note 3 has the 7.2.5 version and it does not include these features, why???

  14. Hey Ranjeet, im facing sudden stoping of motion sensor in my redmi note 3 while playing games like asphalt 8 i did calibration, but it didn't worked..
    please do reply please

  15. Does it have the option to automatically turn of the fingerprint unlock during sleep time?

  16. sir my redmi note 3 Is heating at 45 in this summer after playing sniper fury game and my is all day I used internet and games at evening my battery is 33%

  17. can u plz tell me does it support mhl cable.can I connect my phone to my led to which has mhl feature..plz help

  18. i purchased note 3 32gb last week, but my fingerprint sensor is no proper work fingerprint is create but not working so what i do ? plz replay sir

  19. I think that the review unit sent to you by xiaomi is much much better than what we get by Amazon. Please give a satisfactory reply and solve my problem.

  20. sir can we lock the apps which assuring the enscryption., the apps like 'applock' or something, whether it able to use finger prints over them. also do we get the app lock function after the update or get it after just unboxing??

  21. Ranjit  PLEASE HELP!! I have MIUI vs. 7.2 latest firmware but I can't see preview of recent apps by pressing the bottom left button when we switch apps.PLEASE tell me how did u get that!!!Thanks in advance Ranjit!!AND RANJIT PLEASE DO REPLY!!!

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