Apple Byte – iPhone 6 “BendGate”. You’re sitting on it wrong.

Apple’s iPhone 6 launch gets rocked by the iOS 8.0.1 update and the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent in your pocket.


  1. I use windows phone. it goes with my pc with no bullshit.

    and have to I use pc because i play video games and hte best way to play it is on a PC with directX and playing video games is more important than making a call, or, expressing myself. or work.

    and I build my own pc.

    so the phone bends. it doesn't bend. who gives a shit, really? beat directx with openGL or come up with something else better, then i'll switch to your OS X, what a stupid name that is, but i'll switch if it can play games better, and use all its product lines. else just shut up. it's stupid to call an OS OS. like OS X. we already got it, it's an OS. that's like calling windows 10 OS windows 10. what for? it's windows 10, we all know it's not a pair of shoes, it's a goddamn OS. OS X. iOS. so all those OS's just have one letter name. thats stupid.

    f*** Samsung too. and f*** android. f** all you openGL gamers.

    I game on desktop. on windows. on directX. the best fastest way. if I wanna game i don't go around and doing it on my way to somewhere, like some chump. i cancel everything and stay at home to play.

    Microsoft lumia 640 lte. black. same way i dress. not that I give a shit on what color I receive my stupid calls but colors look stupid on me. especially gold. and silver or shiny stuff.

    not that i care to comment, it's just people talk as if it matters if it bent or not. it doesn't. at least to some people who understands hardware.

  2. Take a piece of shit, put an Apple logo on it, and the fanboys will line up to buy it!  LMFAO  iSheep!

  3. After I updated to iOS 8 I immediately jailbroke my phone (again) and installed iOS 6 complete for iOS 7/8 (again) at least it looks like an iPhone again (until I open an app)

  4. Buddy do me a favour and see if you can apply 110 pounds of force with your thumps. As I know you can't so how could you bend the iPhone.
    Try you bathroom scales

  5. this bending shit of the apple iphone 6 is absolute bullshit
    I have an iphone 6+ for 3 months now and sitting on it and with it in my pocket
    it doesn't bend  point. so this bending nonsense is bullshit!

  6. Apple is quick to respond to customer complaints: "It not a problem, so STFU!"

  7. Just saying the bending is a real issue if you put your phone in your back pocket, my friend bent his iphone 6 by doing that

  8. Seems like just a case is not enough, it will still bend over time if you dont buy hard expensive case that makes the phone really fat… So if you buy a plastic or silicone case that you can bend with your hand, you are gonna get bent iPhone over time…

  9. Rip Steve Jobs, rip Apple. No more ass hole boss to make apple employees work as hard as chinese iphone factory workers.

  10. "iPhone is back on top with regards to smartphone photography" Lol don't make me laugh, there are at least three lumias that take considerably better photos : Lumia 1020, 930 and 1520.  The sites he mentions are a known joke with regards to testing cameras, completely ignoring actual image quality and zoom capability, instead focusing on speed and colour accuracy.

  11. You can put a shit load of force using your hands. Ask yourself if you would be willing to put all of your force into trying bend your phone? Doubtful. I dont even particularly like Apple, but I hate people who lie just to hurt somebody else.

  12. I didn't update my phone, not enough space, and if I get an iphone 6 I want it to have a new software.

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