I absolutely love my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier BUT Apple has KILLED my Gear S3. Now why would I say this? The Samsung Gear S3 on iOS experience vs Android is definitely different to say the least. Granted this is a Samsung device and not an Apple watch but still… This is a Samsung Gear S3 Review on iOS. Will the Gear S4 be any different?

Gear S3 Frontier:
Gear S3 Classic:
Gear Sport:
Huanlong Samsung Gear S3 Watch…


  1. Good review. Most people don’t talk about Android watch with iOS..Can you do another review on how it works with iOS? Also isn’t there a difference between Tizen and Wear OS?

  2. You are being appletized. You mention one thing that is the biggest issue with Apple and that is they are controlling. Even with that, they have you considering getting a apple watch even though you LOVE YOUR S3 and think it is THE BEST OUT THERE. APPLETIZED. They are controlling and too restrictive. i wont give up my Android device ever. Apple is simple I prefer complexity. A lot of Apple users have no idea the many features they are missing out on. Picture in picture, animations, being able to pay at almost any vendor, amazing live wallpapers, AMAZING VR HEADSETS, I can go on, . Great vid otherwise lol.

  3. CJ….
    i will stick to my Samsung Android just to stay connected to my S3 to enjoy the full advantage of the sh**t

  4. Good evening, 2 questions what watch band is that your using on the watch. And is there a app I can use for my LG V20 for texts for the watch?

  5. Ive used iphones my whole life (currently on the iphone x) and still rocking the gear s3. Apple will never make me buy their overpriced hideous square ass watches and earphones that look like bean sprouts

  6. Obviously sending there death script to their apple watches but it killed your watch too. Don't worry, thats normal with apple

  7. I been thinking change my Iphone X and get an Android smartphone in order to get a GearS3 (I have an apple watch, but I hate it every day). Do you think there is any Android phone better than my X?

  8. C.J. I am back. I can't get over disappointment experienced with G3 used with iPhone. I just checked all posts on Samsung forum and there are no solutions there. You are my last hope. If anybody can do it you are the one.
    I want to buy G3 Frontier again if one of two could work: a) I could purchase and install any watch face using iOS app in iPhone or b) I could activate watch on Android platform, load my favourite watch faces and activate watch on iPone without resetting it to factory default and losing watch faces in process.
    C'mon man, dig deep, ask people, you must have connections with developers or G3 to iPhone watch hackers. There must be someone with solution. You would use it first, right! I saw some of the watch faces you had while on S8 as your main phone. They are beautiful. Breitling and Rolex and what not emulations, just great, alive looking.
    So help yourself and everybody else. Mankind would be grateful to C.J. Throw me a bone and I'll go tomorrow to BestBuy and get myself new G3. In other video you stated that G3 Frontier is absolutely best watch to have. I believe you looked into all kinds of different ones and that is a correct conclusion. So I'll trust your judgment like a true follower 🙂

  9. Ya, glad I saw your video, was gonna get the iPhone X, but now I'm just gonna wait for the Note 9 or S10

  10. Where did u get that strap for your s3? Is it from samsung or what? Love it

  11. Dude I’m on the gear s3 with the iPhone X as well and I know what you’re dealing with. If you haven’t gotten the Apple Watch yet do so soon cause although I like the gear so much like you the Apple Watch is better in just about every way except looks If you keep the iPhone X as your phone definitely get an Apple Watch cause like apple says it just works.

  12. C.J. I am so glad you made this video. It 100% matches my experience with G3 Frontier. First of all DO NOT buy Apple Watch, you will regret it. Apple Watch looks like crap compared to G3. It looks like kids in school sawed off cell phone into small square, shapeless object. Everybody and his dog knows that watch is ROUND, not square, ROUND! I have Apple Watch on my wrist and when activated watch is depicted as circle with numbers. Watch hands go in circle to show time.
    I purchased G3 Frontier at BestBuy. Brought it home, activated it using old Samsung Note and immediately bought several extra watch faces for little money. What I got out of it was totally amazing looking watch, more like art piece. All functionality, whole nine yards experience. Then was time to pair watch with my iPhone 6. It wouldn't do it until it forced me to reset watch completely. Then it worked and I immediately recognized that iPhone G3 app is about 30% of what was on Android phone. I wanted to recover my beautiful watch faces I just purchased and it didn't allow me to do that. I tried everything, forum, Samsung tech support and it was clear that Apple killed my G3 experience! It is intentional so I could not see entirely how much better G3 is compared to Apple Watch!
    I have everything Apple so that prevailed in this case. I would have to sell MacBook, iMac x 2, iPad, AppleTV, Watch, close iCloud and switch environment to Android. I am on the fence to do it. I would lose thousands of dollars in that switch and only reason for that would be that controlling part of the Apple where they killed my G3 Frontier experience. I can't take it much longer.
    In the meantime I returned G3 back to the store. Sorry Samsung, no fault of yours whatsoever! You made amazing product. If functionality of the G3 app would improve somehow I would run back and buy that G3 again. I really like it. That change is unlikely to happen. Apple will never allow it for reasons I just mentioned above. Still this may be a straw that broke camel's back for me. This is forcing me to think how to dump all Apple and switch with least pain possible.

  13. thats why i haven't bought the samsung watch.i have an apple phone.i had an apple watch,it fell apart.i don't wear a watch now.

  14. Congratulations on the video, where do I get those rolex faces, breitling etc …? Thank you for your help

  15. Lol. You must've had a lapse of sanity to switch to Apple. Hopefully it's only a temporary thing and you'll come to terms with your brainless decision shortly then switch back. I used to be an Apple user and switching to Android was the smartest (tech) thing I ever did. If you want to use a Samsung smart wearable, the best possible experience will only come from using a Samsung smartphone. Personally I use a Gear Sport paired to a S9. I like the Frontier a lot, it's pretty much the same as the Gear Sport, but it's just a bit too big. I spent many hours agonising about which one to buy, eventually the GS won out mainly because of it's smaller, more manageable size.

  16. my gear s3 works fine with apple for me. i cant respond to txt on it but its a pain to respond to txt on the watch anyway.

  17. Anything Apple is just a Symbol that show that you spent all of your hard earned money on Junk. I hate apple simply for how they treat their customers and how they control your owned device. They give you heart aches and much more about the device you've bought. Apple Pay does not work in 80% of places. I have went to many stores and attempted to use my Samsung Watch for Sampay, and the Stupid Cashier looks at my Circular watch and ask me if my watch is an Apple….I laugh at the Stupid Cashier. Do you not know what apple watches look like, she looks at me with at surprised look like "WHAT". I say to her that she knows nothing about Techno no wonder why you are a cashier at a Chevron Gas Station making minimum wage. I then told her that all apple watches are Square and Samsung Watches are Round and Bigger. She Shrugged at me and tried to get back at me but it didn't work and I laughed at her as the Receipt started printing out of her register. She stated that my watch will not work and that I needed to give her a Card or Cash, within a few seconds she realised that the Receipt started Printing and the sale was completed. LOL… Here where I am, we live just minutes from the Headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, where I live in Saratoga, Just 20 minutes from Apple driving on surface Streets and traffic. Most people look at my wearable and always default it to being a Apple product, like Apple is the only brand in the world. Many People in my Company have apple products and they complain a lot about Apple refusing the fixing it and always referring them to buy a new one. Most Employees/Co-workers who have apple always tole me that Apple Say that they do not fix any of their Products, that they will replace only with refurbished or maybe New. The Target is to get customers to replace their broken devices even if it is less than a few months old to get a new one. Apple discourages all customers in to not fixing it, Just buy a new one. I'm all PC Type and Android System. Apple All the way around it sucks.

  18. I like the look of the watch, very nice! Can you use it as a standalone with out a phone, as in a seperate phone number?

  19. Apple give peeps a choice – are you crazy?
    They only want you to buy Apple products – you have to ditch Gear 3 and buy Apple watch

  20. This is the way Apple operates. To be honest I'm surprised you're able to get notifications on your Gear S3 on an iPhone. The Gear S3 (and it's associated app) are 3rd party and Apple restricts everything that is 3rd party.

    If you want to make a payment (of any kind) on an Apple device it has to go through Apple so that they can get a cut of the transaction. This is not just a problem with Samsung Pay, it means I cannot buy/rent shows or movies on an iPad from Vudu because they refuse to go through Apple. Samsung Pay on Android seems to rely heavily on your phone for at least the setup (I had to install a bunch of Samsung apps to make it work).

    Android is the complete opposite. It asks for permission before restricting something. This isn't a Samsung thing. I have an LG V30 and I get just about all the features on my Gear S3. There was only one time it said I couldn't do something because I didn't have a Samsung device and I honestly can't remember what that was.

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