Apple Earpods vs Samsung Earphones tuned by AKG – earphones for free

Samsung S8 bundle EO-IG955:
16pcs Hybrid Replacement Silicone Earbuds Ear Tips For Sony XBA MDR DR Series


  1. Samsung AKG are good for the price but very troublesome getting a good fit, and even then the highs are not great (see Aja album by Steely Dan). They may be among the very best under $20, but I definitely prefer the E3000 and E2000, and the Carbo Tenore. Sorry, but you have to accept that people hear differently; it's all nonlinear and there is no final arbiter.

  2. On Samsung's website the original AKG earphones that come with Flagship Samsung phones are $100 a pair. You might have gotten a fake pair?

  3. @clavinetjunkie
    so what is the best headphone to you so far? Also, what is the best bluetooth speaker? Doss XL, Riva Turbo X, Denon, or something new? I can't find this answer after watching a few videos. It's been a while since I visited your channel. I trust your ears, please let me know. Thanks!

  4. 100% agree, I stop searching new earphone once I get the AKG free earphone included in my note 8.

    *sorry for my broken english

  5. Awesome review as always. I put in my old tips from Galaxy s5 (slightly longer than AKG tips) and they sound like never before!
    Bye bye my Shure se215 😀

  6. thanks for review. i m very interest phonak pfe 111. if you find it and review will be good.

  7. Bought the S8 bundle phones based on Olav's review. i agree, but in order to get proper linear base I have to use "3 flange" buds. Really long, almost inside my brain 🙂 but the sound this earphone provides (payed 13 euros OEM packaging ) is really good. Maybe will try foamies, but always get a weird pressure sensation.. Really flat outer body as well, not much sticking out getting caught in stuff

  8. My wife have the Samsung's. And for being included with the phone they are just fantastic. If I compare them with AKG Y50BT they can be matched. The bass is somehow "psysical" – like a on-ear headphones. Really good imo. The pods, the can sound good if the fit is right, maybe not as "hissed" like Oluv present them, but similar. Good vid as usual, cheers from Sweden!

  9. Would you EQ the akgs at all? If so what would you do to it

  10. these AKG-Samsung earphones could sound good, but they don't fit in my ears… the fit is the worst I've ever tried, just terrible

  11. your image quality (from camera) are so great, your reviews are great, your contents are great. But please, upgrade your thumbnail. It would be amazing audio review channel.

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