Apple Files Suit Against NJ Company That Sold Counterfeit Products On Amazon | Tech Bet | CNBC

Apple claims that nearly 90 percent of Apple-branded items on Amazon are actually fake, according to a federal lawsuit Apple filed against a New Jersey company on Monday.
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  1. They ripped me off to

    I got liquidex gloss varnish that’s runny like water and isn’t water resistant like the label says plus it was partially empty

    I also got Sargent glitter glaze that isn’t true glitter glaze I used the same product that someone had and I wanted my own and it was completely different then THE SAME PRODUCT I had used in the past

    And I just noticed one of the apple barrel paints my mom got me from an 18 pack is as runny as water it’s watered down from it’s original form I haven’t checked the others

    Oh and the box was also ripped half way open and there was NO receipt in the box

    My moms order was separate from mine everything but the paint seems legit

  2. I've been bamboozled twice for 4 or 5 days. It may have destroyed my clients device and costs me alot of money. Companies are faking the Mfi Certified and Made for Apple Logo too so that doesn't mean jack. Both my cables had that and both are fake.

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