Apple fixes MacBook Pro throttling bug (CNET News)

After seeing new MacBook Pro laptops struggle with some high-end tasks, Apple has identified a software bug and published a fix.

Apple MacBook Pro bug patched, unleashing full-speed performance –

New MacBook Pro first look (2018) first look –

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  1. I don't think having a chassis that is utterly incapable of cooling a i9 a bug they can fix through a software update. Should've just made the 15" a bit thicker to facilitate better cooling.

  2. Amazing that Apple, a company with thousands of employees and billions in the bank, didn't test the machines enough to catch a flaw that was painfully apparent to everyone else… hope some product manager had a stern talking to.

  3. Kinda pointless video just to tell us that apple released an update. Why not just get the update and benchmark it and THEN release the video… Not to hate but Dave Lee did already did so.

  4. Click bait. Down vote for not actually testing it. Why make a video just to repeat their press release?

  5. Damn it. I need to buy a Macbook for school work. Now both 2017&2018 models have a flow. What should I do? Buy outdated 2016 model??

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  7. The fact that this problem has a "software fix" is basically them saying that we made the i9 macbook pro throttle out of the box. Typical apple with these out of the box issues and shams.

  8. apple : let's just increase thee fan speed, and tell this fixing a critical bug with research

  9. Interesting. Everyone is saying it's hardware, not software, that's the problem. Wonder if those same people will admit to being wrong if/when the software update resolves the issues; either that or Apple's update will fall flat on its face… which seems less likely than keyboard experts and youtubers being wrong. I guess we'll see in the next couple of days.

  10. I'll wait for the proof showing the MBP staying at or above base clock under sustained CPU torture test. If the VRMs are bad, then you can't patch a hardware fix. But we'll see how this turns out.

  11. LMAO @ all the haters here who are pissed that the fix was posted so quickly. I know it sucks that you can't continue to hate on Apple about this, but that just shows how empty your life really is if you need to do that.

  12. According to some engineering firms it is actually a hardware problem, I will wait and see. Already sold my 13” i7 with touch pad because Apple will not upgrade the scissors keys if they go bad. Repair with old version not repair with the new version 3 keyboard.

  13. If i understand it right the CPU does not get too hot. The Voltage regulators (VRM) for the CPU on the mainboard are not strong enough. Im not sure how they fix wrong hardware components with an update… The only thing they can do is to take the load from the regulators wich should decrease the max possible performance but increase the overall performance…

  14. Apple is crap. I own Apple products and I don’t trust Apple anymore. The sell you overpriced garbage.

  15. If you doesn't happy with new MacBook Pro just give it to me. I'll pay shipping & tax.

  16. As someone that owns and loves Macs…WHY WOULD YOU UPLOAD A VIDEO WITHOUT SHOWING THE FIX?

    What’s the point of showing us a promise of the fix without actually giving us an “after” version post-patch?

  17. Seems to work fine on my i9, posted a vid comparing before/after. Seeing from 20-260% improvements in the stuff that used to throttle (games and cpu video encoding).

  18. Sorry, software can't fix a hardware design flaw……Lack of ventilation. But Apple buyers are not that bright.

  19. Apple is throttling the new i9 MacBook Pro slowing it down so that people go buy new MacBook Pros.
    Just like they did with the iPhones. How come no one's made that video yet?

  20. Doesn't change the fact that the VRM isn't good enough for the i9. All this update is going to do is make the VRM go bad faster. Just wait a year or two and then watch Louis Rossmann's video about then talking about how surprisingly the VRMs are going bad and killing the CPU.

  21. CPU genuinely hits over 100c and throttles Apple- sorry guys there was a bug but we fixed it and it definitely has nothing to do with us giving it inadequate cooling for such a powerful chip

  22. Were you not supposed to download it first before doing the video? ??‍♂️

  23. bullshit its the cooling solution they use, its just not extracting the heat fast enough you can see ut with a flir easily. im very skeptical of it being something as simple as a bug fix. Im guessing the fan will just run full tilt always lol just build a new chassis and coolimg solution i mean apple has the means to iterate ffs they just tossed an I9 in it and called it a day clearly not upgrading the cooling system. dumb overpriced cash grab. but a gigabyte laptop so much better or an xps 15 2-1 that i have, way better than this overpriced throttle box.

  24. You made a video about an update without testing it????? You made a video about a software update without testing it!!!!

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