Apple introduces the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Apple unveils two new iPhones, the iPhone XS and XS MAX. The iPhone Xs has a 5.8 inch display, while the Xs Max has a larger, 6.5 inch display. Key upgrades include faster FaceID, upgraded dust and water resistance, wider stereo sound, dual-SIM support, an improved camera, and a faster chip (new A12 Bionic chip).


  1. Omg they are advertising dual SIM in 2018 wtf are you really the same apple

  2. Yawn. And too expensive. I still have a 7. I don’t want any of the new features. I bought an x and returned it because it was just a bad phone in many ways (Face ID sucked and video got cut off on portrait mode (!!!)). Just meh at this point. Not exciting.

  3. $999 or 666 for a notch, camera bump, no audio jack or microsd expansion and 720p LCD. Can't stop laughing.

  4. My samsung s8+ comes with an 8 mega pixel front camera. Apple is not that impressive, and still got the ugly camera bump.

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