Apple Ipad Mini 16gb Wifi Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wifi. These two tables share a lot of similarity even though they were released in different time.
The ipad mini was released back in late 2012 which carries 7.9″ LED display at 163 ppi, running on A5 processor 1GHz Duo core, which is enough to handle daily tasks. The Galaxy tab 3 8.0 runs on 1.5GHz duo core with 8.0 SCLCD 189ppi display, which yields more clarity and sharpness. The ipad mini is 9percent wider and the galaxy tab 3 is 3…


  1. Is because everyone is using Android does not mean they are only gonna choose Android's you gotta decide your own opinions I'm a Android user but I recoment you an iPhone and I support the ios team but remember it's my opinion….plz don't hate me or fucking pull your dick or your vagina

  2. I have Samsung tab 3 but it is so bad never get it it slows down and I only got 2 apps I got now ipad mini4 it is da best tablet in the world to me so in my recommendation get the ipad mini 4 or be a dope and get a Samsung APPLE IS THE BESt

  3. Can everyone just shut up, I don't know how many times I commented on this video but I did have a galaxy tab and it was breaking and I had a hard time with it, so I got an iPad mini for my birthday and you guys just started getting really pissy, I don't care if you like Samsung or Apple, my opinion is Apple is better!! OK!!!!! So please don't get pissed off and reply saying " Samsung is better, shut up you bastard!" If I like apple, it doesn't matter, it's my opinion, not yours! ???

  4. My dad have a ipad mini and my mom tab 3 , but tab 3 so slowly when i install games, but in ipad mini still good when i install games, so my opinion , ipad mini more smooth than tab 3 for alongtime

  5. tab 3 is better than ipad mini I like in tab 3 series 8.0 is my favourite one 7.0 is also good

  6. I hate Apple Samsung is the best Apple Shit BIG BITCHES HATE SAMSUNG

  7. I don't know which one I'm going to chooice! ? What do you guys think? (Sorry for bad english)

  8. Samsung, IOS, Mobile, They run fine depending on how you use it, im more certain to my Ipad 🙂

  9. I have had a samsung galaxy tab 3 for 1 year now and it is unbelievably slow and thanks to all your comments i have now ordered a ipad mini

  10. I am watching this on my samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 and it keeps buffering grrrrr ???

  11. What do you guys think is better samsung or ipad, i am gonna say ipad, what about you guys? ?

  12. I have got a samsung galaxy tab4 for almost a year and it don't freeze and it not slows shut up about samsung tablet they an't slow people who have coment they have never used a samsung tablet .

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