Apple iPhone 3G app of the day: Shazam

Hands on review of the Shazam software for Apple iPhone 3G, which sends you the song title and artist of the music you’re listening to. Available for free from iTunes AppStore,Subscribe now:

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  1. jailbreak your iphone/mod your xbox
    who's the winner now ?
    plus that if you're smart enough you can jailbreak your iphone at home in 15 mins

  2. @toonyloons2006 i agree execpt i have an xbox but we can settle if you like skrillex 🙂

  3. iphone = xbox = most apps have to be paid for
    android = ps3 = most apps are free

  4. @TheAntwerpGiants can you do me a favor? type this in "US Marines Fighting Insurgents In Helmand" and tell me what the second is.

  5. @ivansofun I don't understand what ure saying… I don't speak 'redneck'….

  6. @nazarjuna Thanks for your "constructive criticism"… Unless you have exceptional memory, it's not a easy task to remember the lyrics/title of a song that you've heard especially as a child. Now tell me, how can one research on a song, when he/she cannot remember the lyrics/title. So going by your logic, only audiophiles should be allowed to research on songs? Hey you know what i hate the most, simpletons like you who berate others with illogical statements. I call those ppl fucken assholes.

  7. @ivansofun A good piece of music is an art form, don't take it likely and cheapening it with your ridiculous out of tune humming. Appreciate it, do some research, learn the lyrics and meaning…

  8. @ivansofun if you can't remember a song title or at least a bit of the lyric to the song, don't even bother figuring it out… You're not made to be an audiophile. I hate it when I play a song and someone pretends like they heard this somewhere or it's one of their favourite songs and the only thing they know is to 'hummm' the freaking melody.

  9. The uses for this app is pretty limited imo. I'm hoping the developers of Shazam can improve on it so that it can recognize tunes being hummed from the users. I'm sure a lot of people have encountered situations where they just can't remember the name of a song but remember a bit of the lyrics or melody.

  10. @fatboytjc okey ! i just didn`t know because i didn`t have that phone before so yea.. now i know… but thanks anyway.!

  11. Wow. We've had a similar thing on most Sony Ericsson phones for years. It worked much better than Shazam too.

  12. @Bradsworld1 ye but u can just by a mic for $3 on amazon like i did:)

  13. can anyone help me plz
    i have prob with it ,

    i used shazam to tag songs via cellular data network at first
    but later after 2 or 3 month i used it on wi fi network and it didnt work (cant connect to the network)
    anyone know why ???

  14. What if I play the tune myself with a kboard (I case I have the tune in my mind and not handy?)

    Shall it work anyway?

  15. @justhc you can't find shazam , because you probably don't live in usa or a country wher shazam is avaible. if you change the country you will find this app.

  16. yes
    it would record the song and it tells you to click it again when you get wi fi (the song would appear as untagged on the tagged songs list) so it would analyze it for you once you click it and your connected to the internet.
    it so cool 🙂

  17. go to the app store on your iphone/itouch, go to search on the bottom bar and type shazam.

  18. m8… thx i know u r trying to help..
    but if i cant find shazam, how the hell i can find shazam E.. IS THE SAME WORD..

  19. if you type in shazam,and it doesnt work, try shazam entertainment. and it shold have a blue S

  20. Is there a way to record a song and use Shazam later, if you're not near a WiFi signal (for iPod Touch)?

  21. People should check out midomi instead. It's identifies music a lot faster and even identifies singing!

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