Apple iPhone 5s Review in 2017 – Is it Worth it? iOS 10

iPhone 5s Still worth it in 2017! ios 10 Should you buy Apple iphone 5s in 2017? is it really worth it? In this video, we’ll do a quick comparison with the new Apple iPhone X and a full review of iPhone 5s and find out if its worth it! iPhone 5s camera quality, iPhone 5s vs iPhone 7 plus comparison, battery life and much more!

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  1. is a great phone and I like it but the problem it doesn't allow my banking details and I can't do anything without it

  2. If you use the iPhone 5s daily does your eyes get strained? Sorry for terrible grammar

  3. I am watching this because my classmates borrowed my Samsung J7 Prime and they put it in the chair, and someone stole it. And now, they said that they will going to replace it with iPhone 5s and that's fine for me. But, i must say that my previous phone was better. I hope that they will keep their promise. 😥

  4. I have a pre-owned iPhone 5s and I have had it for maybe almost 2 years and it’s served me well, but now it restarts on its own and it’s buggy and it’s not too good with supporting the iOS 11. And it’s extremely small compared to the new phone I suggest getting a 6s or higher because the 5s isn’t up to par anymore. That’s just my opinion it would still be a good phone if it didn’t randomly restart😉😞

  5. This is perfect! Thank you for making this vid. I'll be glad to give you some music to use on your videos for free✌

  6. thank god for you!! for the past idk, 2 or 3 years I had this weak like 7 days, cracked iPhone 4s and needed a new phone. I was going to get an 6s, but I HATE big phones with wide screens. so I got the 5s and wanted to know if it was still useful for my liking. so I watch this video and now in bowing at the altar thanking god for watching this video, you are the best iPhone 5s reviewer! this legit saved my life!

  7. I was using iPhone 5s for 1 and half year, and in November, I upgraded to iPhone 8. I must say iPhone 8 is a great phone(my recommendation), but front camera is way better on iPhone 5s, I mean iPhone 5s has a freaking amazing front camera and is probably best iPhone ever based on all things together. Never crashed, battery is really okay, perfect sound and etc. Yeah, it’s worth using iPhone 5s in 2017/2018.

  8. Agree..performance wise..nothing much to complain since i only do basic stuff, social media, camera, gaming, editing etc..the one n only problem is the battery life..I bought a 10000mah power bank which solves the problem..can last up to 2 days

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