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My Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s comparison review covering benchmarks, speed tests, camera quality, display quality, gaming, build quality and more! The iPhone 5s features a super fast 64-bit A7 processor and an all new Touch ID fingerprint reader but is it enough to compete with the Galaxy S4 and it’s massive Quad-Core Snapdragon 600 processor, 13 Megapixel camera and 5 inch Full HD 1920…


  1. iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Doesn't matter what phone is better they are both smartphones.

  2. I watched this video few years ago and just love this video and having both 5s and s4 at that time. This video makes me tld fan.

  3. Crazy how the iPhone 5S is still fully supported with the latest software. I doubt the galaxy S4 can run Android 8 oreo

  4. I expected the 5s to be way better but not I hate the small screen and the phone boring you can't have thing the way you want like a home screen is not even there but that apple so ya the phone seems worse a bit

  5. Few years later galaxy s4 is ditched by samsung but iphone 5s is still cared about by apple

  6. The S4 looks outdated in 2017 but the 5s still looks amazing.

  7. It funny when people say that the iPhone 5s was the first phone with a fingerprint scanner when in reality it was an LG phone from 2011 ?

  8. 2017
    S4 is like under 100$ LoL , i feel bad for those people who paid 700$ for it

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  10. and when I'm done and want something else I'll pass the iPhone 5s to my daughter lol ,I can't afford to pay 3 to 500.00 for a cell phone so when the iPhone 5 s went on sale I bought it ,I do wish Apple would make their screens bigger but whatever lol

  11. my last galaxybwas a galaxy 3 ,have never had an iPhone 5s so when it went on sale for 150 I bought it ,we will see

  12. I've recently switched from the 5s to the s4, I'm sad as i love apples sleek design, but also excited that i will be able to use more third-party software.

  13. I have both, and the iPhone 5S is WAAAAAY better tbh. My daily is still a OnePlus3 tho

  14. One thing i hate about samsung is the screen. the screen is sharp,good and overall the best contrast that make photos amazing in screen, what you get is actually the pain of having a screen burn in effect which makes your screen have that painful yellow tint. the iphone retina display is probably the perfect screen. But if your gonna buy one of these? you better buy the galaxy s4.

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