Apple iPhone 6 Full Review

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  1. Good vídeo dude clean and slow talking the review is AWESOME about the Iphone6 (Space Gray) one of the best Vids of yours i enjoyed the most so far KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAN! I subscribed to your vídeo! I might buy the iPhone 6 now because this vídeo shows a lot of positive things about it iam IMPRESED👍👏😎😃 Always will be a BIG FAN!

  2. Awesome review man! I like your reviews because it's simple and clean and you talk slow and clear which is really good for those who have bad hearing. You just got a new subscriber! ~From a iPhone 6 user

  3. I am getting my iPhone6 this Friday and u made me wanna get it even more😂 I currently have the iPhone4 will u think it going to be good to upgraded to the 6 ? Cuz to me it looks like a good choice (:

  4. Really premium review. I really enjoyed this video a lot. iPhone 6 has always been a huge success and this one is the biggest one. Some people dislike the design but I got to say that I like it. Great video man 🙂 All the shots were done perfectly, they looked so good. Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. By the way great job with the video and timelapse, loved the ones of the sky etc. Can I just ask did you use a tripod to reduce camera shake or..?

  6. The slow-mo with the wine bit the light flickers? But is it because the light you were using flickers when slowed down? idk

  7. Fuck.. I might as well just buy an iPhone instead of lugging around a huge DLSR haha

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