Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Apple’s acknowledgment of the big-screen phones trend resulted in the 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus. It’s just inevitable that Apple’s first foray in the 5”+ range will get compared to the Samsung line that started it all, that’s why we are pitting the iPhone 6 Plus against the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung’s phablet sports a tad larger display, but similar dimensions.. Which…


  1. who's watching in 2017 were u can get the iPhone x and other new things so when u come back here it makes u want to puke XD

  2. The iphones are better in camera and well optimized but lacks of freedom, theres always a limit…but the note 3?you can do all what you want ,,customization?,,4K video?..u can download anything install anything….☺

  3. Samsung looks ugly cheap design… and this plastic shit is so scratchy .,, its edges peeling off in less than year.. Apple on the other hand is sexy simple and durable

  4. I'm having trouble deciding on which to buy, S5 or Note 3, someone please reply

  5. Who cares about aluminium?? Lets admit it, high quality plastic is the optimum matterial for smartphones. why?
    it doesnt overheat, its more durable and flexible unlike bending aluminium and third : plastic phones have removable Sd cards and removable battery

  6. I disagree with the battery being "average". I had the note 3 and could get almost 7hrs of screen on time. he says the 6 plus is even better, and I've heard the same, so I would say they are two of the best battery life phones out there. certainly well above average.

  7. seriously I am fucking mad about Samsung since they introducing many flagships just less than 1 year ..and I am seriously wanting iPhone 6 since that LOL

  8. Apple has all their iPhone users at their mercy. So funny to listen to pissed off Apple fan boys/girls. Android people can care less about either. Heck is Apple was better, I'd buy it…but it's not, so I don't.

  9. uhhh note3 has a way better body build. 6plus just feels cheap and you've seen where it can snap in half with lil strength..

  10. Should I get the note 3 or iPod touch 6th gen for PURE gaming

  11. We all know that Samsung & apple are the best phones that's why in the apple commercials they compare it to Samsung because Samsung is the the only phone that can go toe to toe with apple we all seen the galaxy s6 commercial when they were talking about the iPhone 6 but wait until the note 5 comes out

  12. See? Apple fans can't even defend their beliefin this oh so amazing iPhone and get it into a debate with Android devices.

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