Apple iPhone 6: Two Months Later

Listen: the iPhone 6 isn’t perfect—there are a lot of areas it can improve, and many of the top Android phones best it in a lot of keys areas. But the device works well for my needs, which is why it’s still in my pocket.

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  1. I've had an iPhone 4 since 2012 and just upgraded today to this iPhone 6. Gotta say regardless of the complaints I keep reading/hearing about it…I'm more than pleased with this phone and love it already lol

  2. according to some people, switching off the data when you're not using it helps with the battery life. so since i'm still in school, i'm going to switch it off until i get out of school, and then turn it on. just thought i would share this tip!

  3. I can't take you seriously with the "minion fighter" posters in the background.

  4. They are so cheap in the US! $200 for 16 gig whereas in the UK it is $400. $1 = approximately £1.5. Once again companies are making things better for America, sick of this…

  5. I have no idea what this guy is even talking about. I think the iPhone has the best camera I've seen of all my friends phones. They the android users often ask me to send them my pics because they simply look better when I snap them. The phone is fast responsive and everything works the first time.

  6. I think it's funny to compare reviews of today to reviews 5-7 years ago. It used to be the cool thing to worship at the altar of iPhone while while saying "meh" at Android devices. Now it seems the opposite is true. Personally, I'm the owner of an HTC One and iPhone 6 and I like them both.

  7. God damnit, minions! This is even before that damn movie D:<

    Anyway watching on my IPhone 6 :3

  8. Would you recommend getting the iphone 6 now? Or wait until the iphone 6s will be released in 2 months?

  9. I'm torn between getting the 5s or the 6 … Not keen on the fingerprint not always working on the 5s then not sure about that camera hump on the 6 …be my first iPhone . Any advice please

  10. I really like the battery life on iphone 6. It lasts a lot. And I use my phone WAY more than the average prson

  11. The reason i wont go galaxy is because iphones just look so beautiful

  12. people disclaim iphone cause well… its better as samsung so they think the phone can fly… they dont think that stuff from a samsung so they are happy with the little things they have.

  13. I usually have to charge my 6 every day, sometimes more than once, but I do I lot of messaging, internet browsing, video and music watching, and being on T-mobile with their now actually unlimited data, and the LTE being faster than the wifi in some of the places I am a lot, I prefer to leave it off while in places with slow wifi so it will use the faster LTE, thankfully we're no longer stuck with a 7GB limit on LTE data. My late fiancé (sadly we lost him on 4/19) had an iPhone 6+, he was going to buy me one too but I wanted the smaller 6, the bigger one I though was just too big to carry in my pocket all day, now I have both to carry around… He did the same things as I do with mine, but much more of it, which is why he went for the larger screen. He'd often only have to charge his phone once a day, sometimes less. I think it just comes down to the fact that the 6+ just has a bigger battery. The phone being bigger to accommodate the screen left open space inside since the main board is the same size really, more battery is to me the logical thing to fill it with.

  14. Im considering making the jump from android to iphone and im honestly stoked about it because the iphone 6 is an amazing phone im just worried about my music my contacts and stuff i dont have a computer at the moment because mine took a shit so i cant use itunes im just so torn but i definately want to make the jump because i have friends who have the iphone and i got to mess around with definately want one the phone itself says business man which i am so i definately need to get that feedback please should i do it? Should i take the leap?

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