Apple iPhone 6: We take a look at what’s inside the box of the new iPhone 6 from Apple.



  1. ONLY $2.99 high-qualitied clear FRONT & BACK screen protector for iPhone6 (FREE shipping from CANADA)

    ONLY $3.15 high-qualitied clear FRONT & BACK screen protector for iPhone6 Plus (FREE shipping from CANADA)

  2. those plugs for the UK are so massive, wouldn't that get annoying? I mean no offense of course, but still 😛

  3. Hello Apple fans!!  I have never owned an iPhone nor ever will… Yes they are nice phones. However why are they moving so slow with their technology? Looking for more money? My phone is waterproof, dustproof, customizable, 20mp camera, front facing stereo speakers, magnetic charging dock as well as many other features. Is it completely indestructible? No but it is far ahead of Apple. My" Sony z3"

  4. Everyone keep saying the iphone is better then the samsung s4 but the s4 don't bend in your pocket but the iphone 6 does I wanna get one but after hear it bend Nope

  5. Iphone 6 is an amazing phone in terms of the camera quality and design.. They have great round corner, slim.. Sorry to say, android is a copycat of iOs.. Lack of creativity, high risk of malware, slow in running the phone.. Thats why i dont like android

  6. Some American people commenting in this video are so retarded. If you are wondering what is that plug, ITS A FUCKING UK PLUG NOT AN AMERICAN PLUG YOU STUPID PEOPLE

  7. Iphone are way overpriced. I bet the amount of money it took to build that thing is at least $150 USD. Note 4 has way more features and sensors and yet it's still cheaper. What the hell man!?!?!?!!!!

  8. I purchased iphone6 but it has no key inside and theres a verizon simcard inserted inside the phone. What does it mean?

  9. He has already unboxed it cause it doesnt have the protector thing and all the apple produces have to have one of those screen protector thing on them

  10. u have already opened it before. then u put everything back together, which is why its not complete

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