Apple iPhone 6 – Unboxing & Initial Boot-up

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  1. Btw my iPhone 6 when it boots up displays the old boot logo. I know this doesn't effect the phone but I just like the look of the new one. How can I get it to display it? Thanks!

  2. Why do apple insist on these ugly as fuck antena lines? You don't see any other phones with them, and they clearly don't make signal amazingly better compared to other phones. So why?

  3. is the phone slippery like 5s ? if it is il go for a nexus or galaxy phone bcz i hate wearing cases on my 5s !

  4. Great video
    I wanted to see this from a pro not a fanboy like everyone else lol

  5. Meh… You didn't drop it at the unboxing like the guy who was first to buy it

  6. i don't think you can use ios, as you are a super customized android os in nexus 5, 😉

  7. is it just me or is the homescreen slightly misaligned? i feel that the horizontal margin on the top and the vertical margins on the sides don't really complement each other since the vertical margins are so much thicker, it just looks weird

  8. Made in California? Isn't it made around the world actually (specially in Korea, China and Taiwan)?

  9. i'm surprised that you still went with the 6 rather than the 6 plus, wouldn't the better screen (1080p) and bigger battery outweigh the size? I mean my hands ain't massive and fairy average but I would of went for the plus (if I was an apple user) even with its ridiculous price -.-

  10. The 6+ maybe, but not the 6! What a monumental waste of money..

  11. To be honest,in my opinion,I'm not at all impressed by Apple's design philosophy this time around.This looks so Fake,the 5s was so much better looking than this garbage. Meh.

  12. What storage did you buy?
    And will u buy 6+?
    You are Starting to open up in your videos which is great: D
    Love your videos

  13. I'm waiting for your next videos about this iPhone 6.
    And please do a speed test/gaming performance test vs iPhone 5s (I heard that the GPU is not that fast in comparison with the 5s), HTC one m8 & nexus 5.

  14. U lucky…😘
    How how u paid for it?
    Because its about $1200 here…
    Really waiting to buy mine along with neXus 5 already…great combination…

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