Apple iPhone 7 Plus unboxing

What’s in the box of the iPhone 7 Plus? We say it’s time to find out!

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  1. Should I still get the 7 Plus? I wanted the 8 Plus but it’s the same thing to me, but the 7 Plus may get discontinued next year

  2. I’m getting this for my birthday but my mom already has the 7 plus so idfk why I’m watching the unboxing when I could just look at her phone

  3. Me: Hell yeah just got the newest phone I’m going to be so popular in school 😄

    News: New iPhone coming out later this year

    Me: This always fucking happens fuck this 7 fuck the new phone fuck my life fuck humanity I’m done.

  4. when you have been watching unboxings for the past week leading up to getting your new phone hahah

  5. I'm getting an iPhone tomorrow and i got excited so I went and started watching videos and writing down my contacts and apps so I don't forget

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