Apple iPhone Lightning Dock: Review

Quick review of the new Apple iPhone Lightning Dock which works with most lightning equipped Apple devices even while wearing cases.

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  1. These docks are unstable that little thin lightning port will just break off after leaving the phone on it for 5 minutes

  2. I think most everyone who is watching this video knows Casey Neistat made a video of him making and explaining how to make a dock for a lot less money

  3. reallly like the lumiy lightblade lamp as an alternative to a stand alone dock. the port lets me charge the phone right there.

  4. I got one today and I actually wonder why. What is this thing good for? I thought it was going to be wireless at least. But no. Haha

  5. What an after thought! "My Pocket Dock" you can keep your iPhone charged and truely know it will be charged and ready next time you have an urge to play a noble game. Backed by leading standards in near excellence and customer disservice. Apple inspired meh:P

  6. why this one is not made out of metal and no black version ;(

  7. Everyone is making a fuss over that it doesn't come with a cabel. When you buy your iPhone, it comes with a cabel doesn't it? Just saying…

  8. Is it not potentially damaging for the phone to stand on the plug in that way? I understand that as long as the phone was stable and upright it should be ok, but it looks like the phone is leaning back against the plug – seems like it could damage the socket over time.

  9. Hey i got an iphone 6s 64gb and just got my lighitning dock today.. plugged it into my computer. can i leave the iphone in the lightning dock even if it is fully charged? will it damaged the iphone?

  10. holy shit.. $50 and not even an extra cable… pff, guess i will not buy it after all…

  11. You always give great reviews even if you do talk fast 😉 . I use this dock with my ipad mini 4 and it fits very well.

  12. Should be half the price and include the cable. Didn't the old iPhones come with a dock?

  13. I'd really want this for my office but 60€ here, are you shitting me??

  14. I just bought one of these the other day for my iPhone 5S with the Apple Leather Case and it fits almost perfectly and it looks great too. They should've done this way sooner, because now I won't have to buy a new dock when I upgrade.

  15. Just get a box and make a hole and fit your charger trough it then stick it with hot glue

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