Nothing beats having fun with your family and enjoying that time by taking videos and pictures with your brand new Iphone 10 or Iphone X. the Phone performed quite well in the water and video looks great.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. The iphone is not waterproof dont put under water! Mine worked fine last week when dipping in a swimming pool, a few hours later I went to local beach did the same but a few hours later it stopped working down one side of screen. left in rice overnight and still not working how it use to and face id doensnt work so dont do it!

  2. I liked just because of your wallpaper. Son goku is the best.

  3. Don’t put it in water! I put mine in water to test it and it completely shut off and never turned back on! I had to get a new one and it’s not covered by AppleCare, even if you get insurance for it, there’s still like a 300 fee to pay to replace it. I didn’t have insurance and had to pay 500+tax to replace it

  4. My iPhone X works really good underwater too! I managed to get some good pictures underwater as well and videos!

  5. The screen is harder to swipe because it is wet and your finger slips. Once dried off it will swipe normally because it isn’t wet anymore so the touch pad can properly identify pressure.

  6. I tried. After 20minutes the screen stoped responding. Switching to android back.

  7. Thanks for the video! After all this time has the phone given any trouble?

  8. Hey TK, at 1:04 when kid jumps in the pool, why the different timing between the sound and the image? The sound starts when he is quite below water. Thank you.

  9. You are lucky. I used it once and my Iphone X is dead. It was just 30 seconds under water

  10. it seems like this has been tried 2 months ago, so far whether there is no problem with this iphone x? maybe the speaker is not loud? camera quality? I just make sure, thank you very much.

  11. it's lagging when you're trying to swipe up or touch anything because of the water on the screen. the water is acting as a kind of barrier between your fingers and the screen if that makes sense.

  12. IP67 , after take out from the pool cannot charge your phones straight and have to wait 5 hours ?

  13. Hi TK
    May God bless you and your Sun 😊
    Could u do now video for Amlifay cause a lot changed since last video 😅

  14. The mic is awesome. Better than the Samsung note. Hey if I got a free iPhone X I'll leave android. Android for life.

  15. How old is your son? Cool kid 😀 he was saying ya ya..that was cute

  16. Just today I was looking for scuba diving housing for the iPhone X, not a single option available, weird I thought it was easy to create one for it from the previous model's designs.

    Fun video man.

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