Apple iPhone X: all you need to know in 8 minutes

All you need to know about the iPhone X in less than 8 minutes.

We sat through the whole 2-hour Apple presentation to pick only the most important information about the new iPhone X and summarize it in a video that is less than 8 minutes long.

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  1. kind of same old wit new price tag n name.
    but you know what? Apple products are all ways better in performance n hard ware.
    others don't last long and will start freezing. Android user.πŸ‘

  2. I can’t wait for the iPhone X to come out so everyone can see how huge the iPhone X is. That not a knock on the Galaxy S8 or Note8 but every device have their pros and cons.

  3. Lol, Samsung are not even discouraged from supplying Apple hardware parts because they are that confident of how shit the X is that people will stay with or buy Samsung phone instead

  4. I don't understand why is there so much hate out there for apple? If you don't like it don't buy it but why trash what someone likes? Both the Note 8 and the X are nice phones just buy what ever the hell you like I don't have the time or energy to hate over a stupid cell phone smh..

  5. OH c'mon how dare you ten to be first than nine and why why 7 ate 9
    Give me iPhone 9!!!!

  6. We need and wish in ios 11 more reduce transparency to be more light and to be all icons of applications in 4K resolution clarity Soon

  7. so many haters…im an android fan but i like this new iphone…maybe time to switch.

  8. Is anybody gonna talk about how the iPhone X's screen is as wide as the iPhone 8's screen! The iPhone 8 plus has a wider screen than the iPhone X, why did apple do that? Why couldn't they just make the screen just as wide as the iPhone 8 Plus? They should of kept the screen as wide as the iPhone 8 plus and just made it taller but instead they thinned down the screen and made it longer

  9. Wireless charge, oled panel, glassback is even in android phone long time ago

  10. Whats even crazier ; is that Samsung makes there displaya.Your biggest competition makes your displays.,, what????? Think about that for a second," Weird huh, If your so inovative apple, design your own shitty ips displays.

  11. That moment an apple fan admits apple just sucks.Your iphone will not compete with Sammy, Lg, Moto,, xiaomi, its just not gonna happen.

  12. So iPhone X called iPhone ten, what will it calls when the real ten generation comes?

  13. When you take a screenshot is the result perfectly rectangular or does it have those funny ears on the top edge with the selfie camera bezel cutout blank displayed in the screenshot?

  14. Although I am going to buy the iPhone X when it's available, I'm not gonna be standing in line like an idiot.. I will wait for it to come to store have long it take. But if that was an Android phone with that big hideous bar at the top of the screen everybody will be going off on the manufacturer but since it's an iPhone it's "cool?"

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