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This is the iPhone X. The most expensive smartphone that Apple has ever made, and also one of the boldest departures from what made an iPhone an iPhone. People have been dreaming of this amount of change for years, but now that we have it, wow. The learning curve has been steep.

There was a time when video introductions for every iPhone were full of complaints. Apple was infamous for conservative designs, and iterating on the side of…


  1. I'm watching this video again hopping this year iPhone has no camera hump if everyone else can figure that out why not Apple. Also figure out how to unlock with out a swipe up after the face ID u activate the unlock.

  2. dbrand yeah.. didn't even bring it into the kitchen from the living room without a proper bumper case 🙂

  3. When are you guys going to post your full review? It's been more than a month since the phone's been out!

  4. I know everyone love the full screen phones but I like home buttons. I want to wait until the next iphone. I heard 6.5 screens might be available next year.

  5. Hey Apple, how about giving us an OLED screen, fast charging, a head phone jack and expandable memory….wait that’s a Samsung. Honestly, why not give us an iPhone 8 with OLED? Pure money grab.

  6. All the fanboys saying 750p is good enough care to explain why apple increased ppi?

  7. A completely different iPhone? Yes, definitely. But… A “completely different smartphone"? NO, not at all. So many smartphones that came before it felt “like a gemstone" too, and the new aspect ratio, the nearly bezel-less display, everything came way before. The only "different" things are the face unlock that fails to replace the fingerprint scanner, and those ludicrous Animoji.

    No, I don’t hate the iPhone X. But these utterly ridiculous and biased and nonsensical shenanigans about how much change it brings to the table must stop for good.

  8. If gestures constitute a learning curve for you, then you need some serious help. It's not that damned hard.

  9. The best iphone ever made! And THE MOST EXPENSIVE EMOJI MACHINE EVER BUILT!

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  11. A learning curve? Haven't any of these so called "tech experts" used an Android device with a third party launcher? I've been using gestures for most things for years.

  12. The problem with the apps making the phone 'feel like it's in beta' is not Apple's fault, it's the developers' fault. They have had plenty of time to get their shit together for this phone's layout.

  13. i ve tried this phone in a shop.and is gorgeous lookin .fast and nice animations .buttery smooth generally in ergonomics and ios fluidity but for a 1000 pounds..far to expensive for me though.but nonetheless is a good looking fast device.i wish n hope one day apple will include pro mode on their camera instead relyin on an an android phone user ipad user and windows user.i love tech and open minded to try all platforms to serve my needs not the other way around.i respect apple for delivering such a fantastic device tho but price wise is steep.

  14. If you are in instagram and want to go back one step ,how do you do?

  15. Why are you trying to coin unibrow? Sounds stupid. It’s more like a “rear view mirror” and it totally disappears after a short time.
    Also how lame can you be to need more than a day with the phone to get the hang of the swipe gestures.
    I’m a fan Jamie but this is not your best work, fish for views much?

  16. The gestures are actually unintuitive and unnatural. I feel like I'm playing fruit ninja by having to swipe up to close ups. What's wrong with having a quick home button? Even Android has used software home buttons forever because it's quicker.

  17. The learning curve was rough. Took me a whole 3 minutes to master the swipe interface.

  18. Your kid is really taking a chance by wearing that LA hat in New York!

  19. I hope there would still be an updated iphone with a home button next year

  20. ‘Apple is boring. Why don’t they do something different??’

    ‘Apple have changed it too much. It’s too confusing’

    Can’t please em all. Love my iPhone X.

  21. With Samsung and now Apple doing the facial recognition make me think of Windows phone, mean they were a little ahead of their time. They wasn't aggressive enough or good at telling people about their phone.

  22. The space below the keyboard looks odd, but without it, I think the ergonomics of the keyboard in relation to holding the phone would be off

  23. I like the honesty of this review. Change is great but yeah, at that level, you have to increment. That all do it at this stage

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