Apple iPhone X Leather Folio Case: Review

Quick review of Apple’s Leather Folio case for iPhone X.

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  1. I feel like it’s good if you are going out and don’t want to bring your whole wallet and just a few cards.

  2. Why put your credit cards there?! So if you lose your phone you lose them too?!

  3. fold up those Benjamins lolll always a great a review from the @detroitborg

  4. It’s not worth $100 imo. I do like the look but not for a hundo

  5. Bought one but I'm still not convinced by the 100$ (120$ in Switzerland) price tag that comes with it. I guess it's the price to pay to protect your precious phone.

  6. 99 bucks for that i could get something like that from amazon for 12 dollars. Who else but apple

  7. This is over priced. Wallet cases are more bulky, but those looking here know this. Go with a nomad wallet case or burkley. They are cheaper and better quality.

  8. ?Apple Official Cases Are Cheaper Then Official Samsung Samsung Cases Are Like $550

  9. If you guys consider this case is too expensive, you should wait for China companies who will produce exactly the same ones with a much cheaper price.

  10. Can someone tell me how the lights in the front are flashing as it’s reading his face for Face ID ?

  11. Hello DetroitBORG. I'm in college. Which iPhone I recommend to buy. IPhone 7 plus 32 GB or 128???. And because …

  12. This case is terrible I got one and used it for less than a day. It’s too bulky

  13. i sell original iPhone X iPhone X Leather Folio. 60 euro. contact me if someone need it

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