Apple iPhone XS Camera Review: Just the Conclusion!

Apple is making a claim for why this phone should cost $1000. Leaning on Pixel-style image processing. This iPhone strays from the the consistency of the iPhone aesthetic we’ve come to know. It’s time for a DEEP dive. Does this phone live up to Apple’s claims? Let’s take a look!
Full 30 minute iPhone XS review
Full list of all my phone camera reviews dating back to 2012…


  1. Hello YouTube. This is a commentary on the iPhone camera which is about as long, or longer, than many camera sections in other full phone reviews. If you're only instinct is to complain about the full in-depth review being locked on Patreon, then I will mute you on this channel. No warnings. YouTube as a platform continues to put the screws to smaller channels like mine, demonetizing videos randomly, not notifying subscribers, and ad rates have plummeted over the last year. A video like this took days to shoot. It took additional days to organize and analyze. Took hours to edit, and it took even longer to render and upload. I'm not here for social media points. If my time for that work isn't partly compensated for, then there's no point in producing them. If this work can't contribute to buying food and paying rent, then I won't make these videos. If everyone currently complaining about a $1 a month Patreon charge (which would get you access to months worth of content) had been actively supporting this channel, sharing, posting to Reddit, participating, I probably wouldn't need something like Patreon. This current flavor of YouTube however, smaller creators like me can't get by on passive views alone. I'm still investigating other ways to make this economically feasible, but for now, Patreon offers the best tools for delivering content, AT THE CHEAPEST PRICE I can charge viewers. If you have other suggestions, please send them along. We can have real conversations, but if you're just going to whine and moan, then you will be invisible on this channel.

  2. Hey Juan, before you mute and swing the ban hammer on me, please hear me out. I know that you gotta make money to keep these videos coming, I completely get that. However, I think you have severely under-analyzed your audience. Yes $1 is very cheap and honestly I probably could pay for that. The thing is that you're not the only one doing this. When you got all these subscription services and now YouTubers to add to your monthly billing, it adds up quickly. It feels like we're being nickled-and-dimed which I know no one trying to do this. However like I said it adds up and so some people just gotta make the decision of who they will support and what content is more important to them. I'm not saying you're content isn't worthy if being paid (because it totally is), I can't really support you on Patreon because it means I have to not support some of my other creators just to fit in my budget. Based on my own morals, if I can't contribute to all my favorite content creator on a monthly basis then I shouldn't contribute to any creators monthly(I still do give donations/tips).

    There's also people who literally can't afford to spend $1 on things other than basic survival needs. I know it sounds unfathomable to us westerners, but those in 3rd world countries really have to think about the money they spend, down to even pennies. So do keep in mind not everyone "complaining about a $1 a month Patreon charge" isn't just entitled and expects free content, there are those who really can't afford it.

  3. Thats the reason why you dont have enough subs, you are the website that i used to use back in high school days. they show you the exact same problem as the one that you have and the very begining of the solution then you scroll down and it says sign up for an account for free to read the rest, in signing upnyou realize it cost 10 bucks a month or so to get a solution that might not even be correct, so you go and post your question on -blank-overflow and get same solution for free. Juan you were the best youtuber i trned to for advice about cameras even though i dont buy those phones anyways but i always thought your videos were interesting enougb to watch regardless.

  4. Would be awesome to see rcrs back again do it for budget flagships like onepluses n Mi flagships atleast.. full fledged real camera review..

  5. May I suggest that you make the patreon videos available on YouTube at a later date? There will always be people out there that can't and/or won't want to pay the 1 dollar/month subscription fee, and the more teaser videos they see, the worse they feel about being subscribed. I'll always be a trusty subscriber, but I can see a video like this being half uploaded being a reason for someone to unsubscribe :/. I hope you're all well and keep up the good quality videos

  6. This was an epic tease bro and you’re worth the money but also, when is your review for the iPhone XS coming?? I been dying to see yours and Γ‰rica griffin

  7. your video is in 720p and how can i watch this full resolution , its a camera review man ….. at least provide us 1080p

  8. You reviewers deserve better than you get on YouTube as a lot of hard work goes into content creating. I hope the Patreon move is a success and personality I believe their business model should be adopted by YouTube which would help those starting out in this business, allowing them to grow.
    As for the stock iPhone camera app it has not been competitive for hardcore photographers for sometime, there are clearly better alternatives, I carry a Pixel 2 for my camera needs, along with my iPhone. Plenty of iOS apps that allow big improvements though so there is a workaround, Nightcap is great for low light work. For the average user, price taken out of the equation, the iPhone camera is good enough.

  9. The review on patreon was off the hook! love this lil tease πŸ˜‰
    Guys! he's totally worth it!

  10. Please make LG V40 reviews available in youtube.. please please please….

  11. was shocked to see a real camera review in my notifications, thought I was dreaming πŸ˜‚ hope see more of your videos here on youtube, really love your content. can't wait for that V40 though πŸ˜‰ keep it up πŸ˜ƒ

  12. I liked iOS up to 6.x and when 7 came I just grew disinterested and by then android had much better offerings since.

  13. I was actually really accustomed to the S8 camera app….. But they really effed up on the S9+

  14. Juan!!!!!!!! i tweeted you that axon 7 finally got oreo!!!!!! and im still waiting for my v40 to ship

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