Apple iPhone XS Camera Review

Eugene tests out the latest camera from Apple’s best iPhone.


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  1. Hi
    May be my comment is inappropriate
    I have a quri
    Please tell me
    Should I buy canon 1300d
    Plz tell

  2. lol they actually want their audience to skip through with a timecode. if you're so confident that 6 minutes of your own footage is pointless why bother having it

  3. This was painful to watch, awful .. One of the most uncharismatic person ever.

  4. Sad rambling. No "focus" …. not with the phone, but with the (so called) reviewer. Specs the same; specs the same; specs the same; specs the same… damn… think before you yammer.

  5. This guy is a poor replacement for Kai. His voice has no where near the enthusiasm and jokingness of kai

  6. He came here to review the iphone camera and thats what he did. Dont see what the fuss is about lmao ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. I really enjoyed this video, don't listen to the haters. Good job.

  8. Good review in the camera portion. I’m looking forward to getting the XR. The telephoto isn’t really long enough in this for wildlife or sports photography.

  9. Thanks for doing a review of the recent Apple IPhone. Was useful to see the photo and video performance. Helped me in deciding a little between the Samsung S9+ and this. Currently I have a Samsung S8+, but disappointed in it's camera. Do you have a comparison vid for the S9+ and IPhone Max – for the camera? – P.S. I noticed personality comments, but for me, I want to see how well the equipment performs and generally I have enjoyed the videos from Digital Rev reviews

  10. I should move to Hong Kong 30 Hong Kong dollars is £2.91 and you can buy a decent meal for that. Nowadays you can hardly buy a latte for that in Costa.

  11. You must be crazy to compare an iphone with a Canon 5D.
    If you do that, you do not know anything about photography

  12. Is this video about the new iPhones or bubble tea… I'm not sure? 😂

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