Apple iPhone XS MAX Vs Galaxy Note 9 Are We GETTING RIPPED OFF?? | The War Of Smartphones | ITS NO DEBATE!!
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  1. Just so you know. The iPhone XS and XS Max have 1220p or something like this. Well above 720p or 1080p like you say in your video. It's the iPhone XR that will have the LCD with less than 1080p. Which is just a disgrace in this day and age really.

  2. Your right. People who loves iPhone especially in Japan among young iPhone is cool so they don't care what Galaxy or other Android. They will never switch to Android. My nephew and my dad will never go to Android. For me, I like Galaxy so will stick with it. Can't wait until Note 9 launches in Japan.

  3. People are morons. The majority. I always find it funny when they put to benchmark tests,speed,processing and RAM power Apple vs Samsung vs Huawei,vs.. I am programmer and I use my phone quite frankly for everything possible,like net banking,mailing,browsing,gaming, photography, navigation blogging,….all at once crazy multitasking,and the phone is blazingly fast. Never showed any lag or crash,at some points it performs better than my laptop. And it's not some superpower phone,it has 4 RAM,8 cores,64 gb storage. I got some friends with phones of the same power range and even more,and they don't use even half of what these phones are capable of. Basically few shots here and there,gaming phone calls and browsing. That's it. So it's all about the OS,looks and price. Now,if it comes to that,these days most brands offer very stylish phones, stainless steel and glass, aluminum and glass,long ago was the time iPhone was the only phone to offer front/back glass and premium looks. Now almost all do. And they have power to match too. So,to justify a price tag of 1200$+,phone must offer something revolutionary,and I don't see it here. It's all one big bullshit

  4. This argument will never stop, but to me i don't think i'll ever be fooled like a toodler by apple in the pretend of we sell quality not quantity ?wtf!

  5. I have been one of the lucky ones to have used the retail versions of both phones shown in this video. Head to Head the Samsung note 9 comes out well ahead on many aspects, Camera, features, memory, price,battery life, super fast charging etc..The Note 9 crushes the i phone max in heavy gaming with its battery and liquid cooling inside and its.display clarity, the list goes on…I gave them both 2 weeks of fair play.. result… The note 9 Is truly the best phone out there.Heads up..You will see the big corp review company's saying the same.. I know because they have been testing these 2 phones and i know what they will say the same thing. You will hear these same findings in about 2 weeks..Get your Note 9 you will really love it!!

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  6. Both phones are ridiculously priced it doesn’t matter what they do

  7. hahahahaha. how You can compare the ihcrap to NOTE 9. ? hahaha. NOTE 9 is way way better

  8. Awesome video I'm glad someone finally said it lol I'm on the iOS side because I just can't get rid of my iPhone lol I have the X but I'm also a tech person & I like Android as well..I think it's stupid for people to make such a huge fuss over which phone is better or witch ecosystem is better.. At the end of the day it's all about what's best for you. Keep up the awesome work bro

  9. Its easy for Samsung to just dump a bunch of stuff in…its takes fine tuning and refinement to design a system. iOS is designed for efficiency and performance.. A11 chip from last year destroyed the note 9 SD 845…the A12 CPU is 1-2 years ahead of the game ….their features are well thought out with efficiency in mind, not overloading your device with too much unnecessary stuff…just have to see the market…
    most people do not use their note 9 to play games on a monitor ….lol…if you want a console experience, you'll probably just get a ps4, besides you can afford a 1k phone right

  10. EASYCOMSOL, I told you bro, The Androids is the only phones you should review – Look close at your comment section. You have over 75% of the people favor the Note 9.
    just think if you focus more on all the Android phones. You will gain a huge fanbase and more money. Fuck that iphone, that shit is trash bro.

  11. You do know the iPhone x iPhone xs and iPhone xs max all are above 1080P. The iPhone has been 1080P since the iPhone 6 plus. I have an Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone X. I'm still getting the iPhone XS max. Sorry but the Apple ecosystem smokes the Note 9. I just use both. I will never use DeX. I get it done with both.

  12. Personally I am an Android gal. I never was interested in iPhones or iOS. I personally feel that Android OS is easier for me to use. I am getting my Note 9 tomorrow and I'm so excited to finally get to upgrade!

  13. The Note 9 lays waste to the 10 Max. I have the Note 9, and an X, and there's no comparison.

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