Apple iPhone XS vs iPhone X

Apple shook things up last year with the introduction of the iPhone X, a phone that ushered the company into a new era of smartphone design. Its successor, the iPhone XS, is naturally superior in almost every imaginable way. Then again, its launch begs the question of whether or not it’s worth an upgrade going from the iPhone X to the XS – or in the case of those torn between the two, which one is the better…


  1. The oled panels on both phones are identical. That includes brightness.

  2. Except you’re really not forking over another 1k because if you are trading in your X, you only paid for half of it, which you will ultimately only being for half of the XS if you are a yearly upgrader. So basically you perpetually pay a monthly phone payment and you have the latest specs available. Unless you plan on keeping your phone for 3 years there’s no reason not to upgrade. Sure you’d have a trade in if you kept your X, of what, like 250? So for a 10/m or so savings on your 2019 iphone- that’s what you gain roughly by not upgrading. Whoopy ding.

  3. for sure im sticking with my iphone x..It would be nonsense to upgrade to the same phone XD

  4. Come on YouTuber, the HDR in iPhone X will be only triggered and turned on in very extreme lighting contrast scene in Auto HDR mode, you could see "HDR" on top left corner if the photo really shot with HDR. Since Smart HDR applies HDR in all photos, you should turn on HDR manually in iPhone X for fair photo comparison that is what people really interested in.

  5. Xs is better. No doubt. But the difference in performance doesnt equal the amount of money you have to invest for it when compared to the X

  6. Amazingly good comparison – as always! You are the only ones who always get all the little details (except you missed the upgrade in wireless charging, 7,5W – 10W). Sure, it's a minor update overall, but getting "snappier overall response" makes it worth the money for me since I use my phone constantly for everything.

  7. 0 reason to upgrade. And that AR/ML push should be Apple's burden and not be pushed onto consumers, so no reason to pay for it in the form of A12 CPU and buying XS.

  8. i LIKE my X. I do not love it. I liked my 7 plus better, only because i knew i could rely on it to get me a day of heavy use with no issues. I can barely make it out of a day on thsi phone. and it makes me HATE this phone so much. It really makes me want to stay away from the next round of devices too. Currently looking at the pixel 3 xl, just waiting on some battery testing to come out.

  9. There is absolutely no difference besides a nanosecond faster (who cares), ip68 vs ip67 (once again who cares), slightly better battery by terms of usage (I have to say it again. Who tf cares for an extra 10 minutes of battery) and 1gb more ram (ik iphone users will even say who cares)
    Point is don't upgrade. if ur upgrading, you're paying the full price minus trade in value for almost the exact same phone

  10. 2 hours later 720 views the thing only phone arena and that bad accent can do.

  11. I just bought an IPhoneX 256gb for $750 cash.. I see no reason to buy an XS..

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