Apple Leaked iPhone 8 FINAL Design

Apple Leaked the iPhone 8 WOW !


iPhone 8 clone GIVEAWAY !

iOS 11 Beta 4 Follow up More New Changes & Features

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Coming for 32-bit Devices ?

Apple officially kills The iPod…


  1. so these iphones are just getting uglier by the year. iphone 4s/5s/SE forever :'(

  2. They leaked it in a Movie, i just saw it i think its an easteregg

  3. Idevicehelp do you have idea about any upcoming new features that we can expect in iOS 11 beta 5??

  4. Facial recognition is a bad idea. Even with IR lights and cameras to see you in the dark, you still have to look at your phone for it to work. Day one people are going to be 3D printing models of people's faces and spoofing right through the lock screen.

  5. Ditching Touch ID would be stupid. You can just put a fingerprint sensor on the back-like everyone else does.

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