Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter MD826AM/A – Overview

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter – MD826AM/A

Use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter with your iPad with Retina display iPad mini iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) with Lightning connector. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen — including apps presentations websites slideshows and more — to your HDMI-equipped TV display projector or other compatible display in up to…


  1. what if using just a monitor screen and connect the HDMI with lighning cable to watching movie, and the sound is it only just come out from the phone?

  2. and how sound works whether sound on iphone or on the tv system through HDMI connector?

  3. I have ipad 6th generation and iphone 6s. I just bought the connector. It displays ipad's screen on my dell monitor through hdmi but for iphone, it does not display anything. The screen does not even detect presence of my iphone. Do I need to change some settings on iphone?

  4. Yeah well don't buy this crap it seems like it doesn't work with ios12.1

  5. Hello I was wondering if someone can help me. I purslchased a lightening cord for the ipad and a hdmi. It doesnt con nest to my tv. What should I do? Is the adapter broken?

  6. Useless when it completely kills your cellular service..another useless product from a communist sell out corporation

  7. I need help , when i connect my iphone to my tv it shows „nicht unterstüter modus“ ( not supported mode) who knows what the problem is i where very happy to know what the problem is

  8. Is it necessary to have the charge cable plugged in for it to work??? ?

  9. Hey I have a question can anyone help me?????

    I have this product and I use it to watch KODI about the quality is quite poor once it gets to my TV sand the sound is delayed. If I use a HDMI repeater will it improve the image and the sound issues I’m having????

  10. can i connect the lightning usb3 camera adaptor to this adaptor cuz i want to connect a usb mouse to it…

  11. Hi!.. we just bought this cable, we wanted to stream movies and tv shows from Netflix that we have downloaded on our ipad, because we live in the mountains (not joking) and we don't have WIFI there, so the only way to watch netflix is to save our content and then watch it later…. When we plugged it on our tv everything worked except netflix, the movie plays on the ipad and the sound on the tv but in the tv all you see is a frozen image of the first sceene that comes up, or of a loading sign and you can see the tab for subtitles and language but never the video…. It this because we don't have WIFI or some issue with netflix… Would it work if we buy movies from itunes instead??

  12. Hi my car radio has an hdvi outlet, can i use it to my car?Also my car has a touch screen feature, should it work? Thanks in advance.

  13. The adapter is crap. The signal is intermittent, many complaints on line. Don't waste your money.

  14. I have a question about the adapter. I own a 6s and also have a amazon fire tv and can mirror my ios screen on the tv but its impossible to play games cause there is arround 0,8 sec lag. Does the cable also have a output lag?

  15. Does the Apple Keynote function (2 different displays) also work with Google Presentations?

  16. Can you use this with wireless HDMI Nyrious?
    I'm looking for watch YouTube videos, movies from Netflix's.
    I'm on my way to return my Apple TV because it doesn't work with out internet signal.
    I want save money, because I don't see to point to have internet service that cost lot money monthly. I already have unlimited internet on my phone service that I think is enough for I want to watch.
    Please help me with my question

  17. Can't you just make your ipad into a projector to project on a wide screen by itself?

  18. What about the sound in games and movies?? Does it comes through the tv speakers while connected? And where can i buy these cable?

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