Apple Mac mail tutorial 1

how to set up apple mac mail, preferences,tool bar folders and more. very easy


  1. How to get read and delivery receipt like Microsoft Outlook

  2. Why can’t I delete mail messages in Mac OS X Yosemite? I click delete nothing happens, I have click delete twice to delete a mail, what a stupid design.

  3. Problem… I do not have signature on mail (toolbar). . Is there a way to add it… in 2014?
    Also, how can one select multiple (ie. ALL ) emails for deletion? Finding I have to delete individually. I really do not understand the mail thing, collecting mails from external email account and might want to turn that off, if possible (????). THANKS!

  4. Is it possible to have more coloured flags?  I'm trying to organize and colour code.  In MS outlook I had the option to choose many colours.  I've run out of colours on my MAC and need more!

  5. How to I delete my email account off of my mail app and put a new email account?

  6. Loved the video. Been using Mail app for a while now and not too fond. But this video has helped.

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  8. thank you for being so detailed – I am a new mac user watching you on my dell while setting up my mac. I love your up close shots that show all the little things that matter 🙂

  9. 5:56 "toooolbar, I don't have anything up here in the… toooolbar… now we're going to add some things for the… tooolbar" hahaha

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