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5 Tips and Tricks that I have picked to be useful for the new Mac OS X Lion.
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  1. Use TinkerTools
    its a free app that has a nice UI and does all this for you.

  2. Here is a trick if you hold alt or alt shift you can type in symbols like this
    ¨ø˚˜∫©∆µ˜√√˚¬∫˙©ç  ˜˜©ç©©ÎÏÎÍÏıÔˆÁˇ‰´Î◊ı¨fl‡fi›fiflıı◊DzÏÎ◊˝Ï˛ÏÓˇÁ˜˜ı◊◊◊ıflfi‹€⁄€⁄‹›fifl°·‚‚‚—‡‡flfi˜˝Î„Î∂ß≈∑´£¢∞§¶••ªº–¢£™£ºª¶•§¢£§§¶•ªº–√∫µ…æ≥÷©∂çΩ´©Ω†å∫¨ß†√©ƒ√ ©§®√ ß√宆߆åˆø¥†

  3. Cool Video, perhaps you could show us the "Parental Controls" which you disabled?

    When you have children?

    I have 2.

    Thanks for your youthful take on Apple.



  4. @AndresR0d you made the intro in after effects from the tutorial on Video Copilot

  5. not good. my god, the rambling…..just say you don't prefer things…..not why and then repeat it 3 times. man alive this could drive one to drink.

  6. @Stop4MotionMakr i agree, my next video will have a script because I don't want to say ums andd stuff like that too much! thanks for the feedback!

  7. Yeah, I love the inverse scrolling. I kept getting mixed up for the first day or so, but after a while it does feel alot more natural. My only real complaint is that I also use a windows 7 machine and that's when I get really mixed up.

  8. @offhostproductions yeah I realize that I was talking too much and should just make it shorter. Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate it!

  9. nice tips, recommendation: try and condense the total time of the video… stay aroun 4-7 mins.. there was too much irrelevant info and talk throughout.

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