Apple MacBook Pro 13″ Touch Bar (2017): Unboxing & Review

Unboxing and Review of the NEW 2017 MacBook Pro with TouchBar which has been updated with Kaby Lake CPUs and new Graphics.


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  1. Should I get this for $950? A person I know sells it for that and it has only 35 cycles, what do you guys think?

  2. Can u biy me one i had birthday yesterday and I’m gonna celebrate in tomorrow

  3. I was so happy to get this laptop but it turns out that I got scam on Ebay. And yes I'm a college student.. I was already poor in the first place..

  4. hello pro, I have just purchased a 2017 13 inch 1 tb ssd, but I found it got loud and hot when I open youtube or xcode. Considering it is a brand new with only 2 days usage, should it be sent back and get refund?

  5. No offence but this practically is macbook 2018, im buying this one, mostly cause the touch bar, ive never likes apple, but this baby rlly speaks to me, prob will buy an iphone 7 or iphone x to it too 😁 wish me luck

  6. I have dell xps 15 9560 I think I will keep it I was thinking to get mbp 2017 13 instead but m kinda liking it now have lots of softwares on it can do things much easily I guess and value for the money also as it’s higher in specs

  7. Question guys? FL Studio has finally made software for Apple and I’m going to purchase a MacBook Pro for that reason. Which one should I get a fully loaded 13in a 15in model? I’m going to have a lot of plugins, VSTs, and I don’t want no delay. I’m willing to spending 4,200 on the fully loaded 15in model.

  8. overpriced garbage made by foxcon slaves and crapple sell it premium price to stupid american and around the world american people are dumbest people on earth they love cheap trash sold by crapple hahahha

  9. Apple is no stranger to controversy, but the missteps on the latest MacBook Pro design go beyond the standard fare.

    WWDC is just around the corner, and while we don’t expect Apple to refresh the MacBook Pro beyond a CPU bump, it’d be a great chance to level with its fan base about the failures of its laptops. At the very least, I don’t want to hear a word about how innovative these two features were without some admission of guilt.

  10. 'You don't use this machine for production – you have more powerful machines elsewhere'? So what are your other machines like? That's not really convincing me to upgrade my …2009' model buddy…come on..!!!

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