Apple MacBook Pro 17″ vs. Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Review – Is It Worth It?

In this video I will be comparing my 17″ MacBook Pro vs. my 15″.

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  1. Once you go Mac, You'll never go back! [ PC = Piece of Crap ]

  2. So basically get a 17 in macbook. That 2 inches really helps when your watching your Asian porn in bed.

  3. As my main computer, Should I get a 2009/2010 anti glare MacBook Pro 15" or 17"?

  4. Do the 2012/2013 Macbooks with anti glare screen come in white? Or just the plain black?

  5. Smart tv in the backround 🙂 lucky you must be RICH 🙂

  6. a review even without touching? no performance test no detailed information just talking? interesting.

  7. @MsPause1(For some reason his comment doesn't appear for me) Why would I be jealous? I mean, he has a Macbook Pro, he bought it for 1700 Dollars, Me? I have an equivalent laptop with Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10… it cost me 500 Dollars, and it's not because I don't have enough money to buy a Macbook, it's just that I don't want to spend 2000 for a Mac, when I can buy an equivalent PC, a smartphone, and a pair of headphones for MUCH less, Macbooks are overpriced, and will always be.

  8. It is when you compare them to PC's that are of a similar price. They also lose points for being held together by glue and for being easy to dismantle with a guitar pick (though other laptops have this problem as well).

    Linux video editing does suck, but I use Vegas on windows so it's never been an issue :p.

  9. I don't own a Mac either, but I've used my friend's Mac… I would never buy that overpriced piece of garbage

  10. Alright. Thanks. I didn't know because I don't have a mac. I don't wanna argue about these small things, I'll just say yes and nod my head politely.

  11. No offence men har du laddat upp över 5 tusen videoklipp på youtube engelsktalande utan o göra det minsta lilla fel?

  12. You know there have been tests where IE has gotten like 3, safari 9 and firefox, chrome and opera getting around 15-20? Anyways, we don't wanna fight, let's just leave it at that, if you think macbooks are better and safari is better, sure, I don't care what you think. Much like you don't care about what others do for themselves.

  13. Safari is a joke when you throw Flash on it definetly. But in terms of smoothness it's way better than chrome. Also zoom in and out amazing in Safari vs. Chrome

  14. If your a normal guy no. But if your a DJ / Video producer like me a laptop that do everything you tell it comes vary handy when your on the go to Miami & shit

  15. never had a major problem with 4GB on my MacBook Pro 17", but yeah RAM cheap so should probably be 8gb

  16. still, 4GB RAM for something that costs more than the baseline iMac 27" is a bit low. You can upgrade it, but that's gonna cost you some money.

  17. beat the hell? lol relax boy. First of all he use Google Chrome not Safari on the Mac. Safari is more smooth.

  18. It's not that underpowered. Have you seen the wonderful screens and material they use on these amazing machines. What if your into video editing with Linux your kinda fucked.

  19. I do dislike Macs for offering their users underpowered hard ware being sold for premium prices. OSX does have a certain charm to it, but using Linux distributions I can emulate that experience while having better windows compatibility, rendering that moot.

    I'd still take a Mac over having to use Windows 8 of course :p.

  20. watch?v=D0b730GXmwc

    Watch this. Samsung's Series 9 Beating the hell out Apple's "Laggy" and Overpriced Mac book Pro. Samsung's Laptop even beating apple in most Multimedia Apps which Apple should win And the design of Series 9 is good as macbook too. 🙂

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