Buying an eGPU for your MacBook Pro is less crazy than it seems.

If you want to play AAA games on your MacBook without building an entirely separate budget gaming PC, using an eGPU on your MacBook Pro is far more enticing than you might think—1080 Ti or not!

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  1. My apologies for the slight audio issues—they'll be fixed for the next video. Oh, speaking of that, I'm going to be pulling apart a $5,000 iMac Pro. Don't worry, though! I won't drop it like Linus.

  2. Should have done equal pricing, a $1300 mac with the egpu 1080ti, should have made a $1300 PC then add a 1080 ti to that, then see how it plays out

  3. Nice comparison, but I think a GTX1060 would have been a more viable solution. It would be the card a whole lot of people should buy for 1080p gaming on max settings. Furthermore the 1080TI is bottlenecked seriously by the thunderbolt connection so my guess would be that it evens out the gains of the 1080TI compared to the 1060.

    A followup video would be cool with a 1050TI, 1060, 1070 ? Just to see how they fare with the thunderbolt restriction and as a good consumer advice, which to get 😀

    Personally I would have gone with the eGPU and a GTX1060 if I already owned a Mac back when I was shopping for a gaming setup.

  4. Nice video! So you say with some twaking mac I can use Akitio with Nvidia card? Reason is i would use it for cinema 4d rendering (gpu rendering) using CUDA which is only on nvidia. Thanks.

  5. PC Gamers have become the pretentious and arrogant assholes that they have been labeling Apple fanboys for years now. Funny how the tables have turned.

  6. I’m in this exact situation now. I have a 2016 mbp15 and want to start gaming more. With a budget of $1000. An egpu + 1080ti sounds like the way to go. If thunderbolt is the bottleneck Did you test other cards in the egpu to see the cost to performance ratio? I’d also be interested in seeing at which gpu model does the frame rate stop increasing significantly.

  7. I need help! I get a "Code 12" error with my egpu in bootcamp. For a few weeks it all worked perfectly with my Node Pro with my new 13" 2018. I did nothing special to get it all to work other than wait until the windows logo at boot up to plug the gpu in. Then suddenly it stopped working I have tried all the solutions out there, including the one mentioned in this video.

    I'm at a complete loss.

  8. Option 2 sell your Mac piece of shit and use that money to build a proper machine instead of spending more money on pretentious Apple crap to make you feel smug and special.

  9. I'm so glad you used a base model MacBook Pro; not a lot of people do during eGPU testing and it's hard to gauge whether or not it's right for me.

  10. Question, would having one of these fitted to a 2010 mbp 17" help with such things as lightroom or photoshop?

  11. I wanted to get a PC just to play games, but I think this is actually better, to get me the eGPU enclosure and decent GPU.

  12. You should have similar specs for both computers! You did this to give the MacBook an unfair advantage!!!!!!! I mean the MacBook had an i5 while the PC had an i3!!!!!!

  13. I have my doubt about how the performance will keep under a stress gaming section, like after month of hours of gaming, I feel as the macbook will have more problem with the cooling and perhaps loose some performance/health of component like battery

  14. I actually did expect that result… you compare an i5 to an i3 that's already not fair is it? but yeah maybe the external unit made most people lose their thoughts on that the mbp would win.

  15. Would a egpu help a 15 In mcp that already has a dedicated graphics card? I’m asking for video editing in Premiere.

  16. I really hope you're going to do a video on how you modded that Powermac G4 Case! That looks awesome!

  17. AMD's integrated graphics is far more powerful for the same price. A Ryzen 2200g would be much better for a low budget PC (if you are going to use integrated graphics).

  18. You know if MacOS had a more open platform, it would save us a lot of headaches, and most of wouldn't even bother with Winblows or Linsux. The internals of MacOS is much better than Windows and Linux because it's BSD-based, it takes all the things from BSD (FreeBSD and NetBSD) and makes it better, but because of Apple's closed platform, consumers are not getting the advantages of MacOS.

  19. What about older MacBooks Pro with Thunderbolt 2? Will it work with an eGPU?

  20. You got the 7100 limping with memory in single channel.
    Don't actually know if it would make a big diference in games, but it might…

  21. If you want to play games don't get an apple pc of any kind at all…

  22. I didn't realise MacBooks could support Nvidia GPUs at all. I guess i forgot about bootcamp… X3

  23. I didn't realise MacBooks could support Nvidia GPUs at all. I guess i forgot about bootcamp… X3

  24. Oorrrrr, you don’t buy a MacBook in the first place, and but a $1800 desktop that would blow any MacBook out of the water, especially in gaming, and heavy multitasking.

  25. This does't account for upgrading. In the future you can just buy a better cpu and plop it in the pc. That isn't the case for the mac.

  26. Are you aware of any egpu solution that would work with the older MacBook pro that had the thunder bolt 1 adapter?

  27. The problem is the new i3s are Quad cores that performs better and costs the same as that crappy old dual core i3

  28. The problem with this is that he’s trying to compare a budget build to a garbage 1300 dollar Mac. Then he argues that if you put more money into the pc you would get more power after already buying said Mac.

  29. One doesn't have to buy an e-GPU for one's MacBook, If the one already has a PC with Thunderbolt 3 port and powerful GPUs installed. One can connect one's MacBook to PC with Thunderbolt 3 and utilize its GPUs. One needs a Windows/Linux driver though. I am working on the Linux driver. I hope you guys soon find it on the Internet.

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