YouTube Music Premium has hit the scene to take on Apple Music. But how does it stack up? Will Googles AI and Machine Learning best Apple’s team of content curators? Watch and find out. Share your thoughts below!
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  1. Stupid comparison, all them apple features are on play music. Should of compared them.

  2. YouTube Music is RIGGED because of how say that you wanted to listen to Jay Z , some of his songs are clean when they don't have the explicit one so that is not good for me!

  3. YouTube Music is better. Not only is it more organised and has the google software that people like, it has music videos and live performances and you can choose to just have audio on those. Plus there is youtube videos on there that still technically count as music but aren't on any other streaming service. And plus if u use youtube a lot it's just the best experience

  4. Mate if you are using the same google aacount for gmail and youtube and searching for long time then AI will will be helpful. I had used same gmail account for 10 years so it knows me, If I am in gym it recommendations are phenomenal, Some times when I am playing certain music type even though I would have forgotten the song but I like that song in the scenorio even if I dont remember google has recommended it. So if you are using test email id I dont think it will be really helpful, apple music is more versatile and I used it for a while but the recommendations and playlists where really not good. Now I use prime music even though its not better than apple music or spotify, I just use it because I shop a lot in amazon and watch the The grand tour so prime music is free.

  5. YouTube music is the Best on Android, I tried apple music but it's trash, the desing is basically bad, the app is slow, the recommendations are wrong, and there is not a lot of my favorite songs.

  6. IT SHOULD BE iMusic instead of Apple Music right? Because it's internetMusic (iMusic)??

  7. Google music it's there yet. I still use Google Play Music, I cancelled my Apple Music subscription because there was not a big difference feature wise. The biggest thing for me was being able to watch this video with out those awful ads. YouTube Red + Google Music/Play can't beat that for 10 bucks, sorry. YouTube ftw.

  8. I'd say that I love YT Music? as – well – you've already said why, but I do love music premium as well.

  9. What’s YouTube music sound quality like? As in kbs

  10. Notepad wants to know your location.

    It fine tunes the font according to your location.

  11. I use neither I’ll stick to my music library I don’t do subscriptions never had never will I’m not paying for music

  12. I’m sorry but Apple Music is clearly the winner here! The prizes, personalized music and so many other things which are better.

  13. What I want from Youtube is to have a service where I can watch videos with no ads at all (not music related). Maybe it's in YouTube premium but it's not available in the Philippines. ??

  14. i stopped my apple music sub because i was also subbed to youtube premium. whats the sense in paying for the two when one can do both. thats called a win win. btw you CAN download music locally to your apple device on YT music

  15. Seems like you were avoiding bringing up google play music. YouTube music is redundant and should stand alone, google play music is a direct competitor to Apple Music though, they are the answer to most problems like offline listening, existing personal library. It may not have more content but think about it like this. For 11.99 a month you’re getting ad free views on all videos throughout YouTube, YouTube music, AND google play music. That’s a massive bang for your buck.

    Also just to add another snipet, YouTube premium comes with a free 3 months trial also. I recommend that more than Apple Music, unless you’re stuck in the ecosystem.

  16. One killer feature I need one of these streaming services to add is to not recommend male artists to me. I can count the male artists I listen to on one hand. I’m sick of constantly having to sift through the latest music to find things that appeal to me.

  17. I’m actually a Spotify user thinking of switching to youtube music just because of the ad free premium it offers. That’s a massive plus for me since I’m always on youtube. I don’t like that hotlist tab though. It’s too easily accessible and I don’t want to be constantly confronted with hip hop music. In Spotify the top charts take quite a few clicks to reach.

  18. Nice review! I agree with a ton of your points. YT Music could be a serious contender if it started implementing more features. And I wish YT paid artists more! Their payout per stream is just awful compared to Apple Music.

  19. In youtube music you cant add just one song from an album to your library, you must add the complete album. Such a basic feature and it doesnt have it ready on launch.

  20. Google has so many redundant apps. Why do they have YouTube Music when they already have Google Play Music? Same goes their email and chat apps. Why have Gmail and Inbox? Why have 3 different chat applications? Seems like they need to cut the fat and streamline their services.

  21. Please help!!!! How to change standard account into admin account ? I have vault password on and I have tried command s and r. They didn't work.

  22. So whats the sound quality like compared to apple? (only one of the most important questions)

  23. Lies…If Google Play Music has the Beatles music (which it does), then YouTube Music should have The Beatles. Secondly, Apple is not gonna aggregate the Google experience on an Apple device the same as it would on an Android device. By the same token, Apple Music isn't as good on Android.

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