Apple Pay Demo

Apple has revealed its mobile payments play, and it features NFC and Touch ID, as many expected. Essentially, with the new iPhones, a user holds their phone near a payment terminal, and the payment card they’ve set as a default is called up, prompting a Touch ID action where the user authenticates their transaction.

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  1. So, if I'm in an Apple Store i can scan an item and pay for it with Apple Pay (through the Apple Store app) instead of paying at the physical check out counter?

    Does Apple Pay work with Amazon?

  2. For ppl who accepts, holding up their iPhone against the phone that is paying with using the nfc should be another form of a terminal.
    But the iPhone that's making the charge would need signal, and data/Wi-Fi then, one of the other.

  3. It's pretty cool how you can just walk in an Apple store, pull something off the shelf, use Apple Pay, and walk out. I would think you would get apprehended for stealing?

  4. I just got my new 6s and can't wait to try out Apple Pay. Being in France however, it might be difficult to find participating vendors.

  5. My dad wanted me to add his card to my samsung pay. When I entered his card, it asked for a confirmation code, which was sent to my dad's phone, it was really secure.
    But on my brothers iphone, there was no confirmation!!! Also most of the places don't even accept apple pay, but for some reason samsung pay works!!!!

  6. Samsung Pay is better. Without NFC, Apple pay will not be able to make purchase with old terminals in stores. Sorry Apple!

  7. At first I was scared by the comments made about how insecure and unsafe with your payment easily made on the phone but every worries suddenly became invalid when finger verification comes into the scene. 

    Unless you are knocked out and someone stole your finger or chopped it off then you are perfectly safe with your money!

  8. For those worried about someone stealing your phone and paying things with your credit card: no one but you will have access to your credit card or phone because Touch ID requires YOUR fingerprint. No one can access your phone but YOU because of this

  9. so if your phone is dead, then what? no cards in my wallet just $5 bucks.. what to do, what to do..

  10. Dumb bitch requested Christopher solely for demonstration purposes and wasted money of that uber driver

  11. So if someone snatches your phone they have all your credit card information too, then they can buy their own iPhone… with your money, but still.

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