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When we reviewed the iPad Pro last month, we did so in a vacuum. Apple’s supersized tablet had beaten its accessories to our front door, so we reviewed only the device itself, reasoning that there were some people who would buy it for its built-in attributes alone. While it’s a fine product, with a huge screen that makes it especially good for media consumption, the iPad Pro…


  1. But I thought that Steve jobs says:"nobody wants a stylus"😂😩😭

  2. I removed the rubber finger rests found on some regular pens you may have and found they fit fine over the bottom of the pencil like the one you see is green on a pen in this video and it made the pencil feel great and no longer rolls off a table! Took two of them off pens faced them in opposing directions on the pencil for even more surface comfort. Plus I found the magnets on the inside of my iPad cover attract the end of the pencil and hold it in place!

  3. I just bought an iPad but it’s not an iPad Pro so does the Ipencil only works with an iPad Pro???

  4. I have one but it doesn’t work with my iPad Air 2. Thats what you get for paying many hundreds to Apple only 1 year ago

  5. Big and cumbersome? Ummmmmmm. Do you also have issues with spaghetti draining and making grilled cheese?

  6. 15 seconds charging for 30 minutes of use is such a huge problem for you?

  7. U can just turn the iPad around dumbass so u can play with it in tf u mEAAANNNZZZ

  8. Hey um I’m sorry but you didn’t give any recognition to any of the tiny little sensory things in the tip and the huge amount you save on supplies considering it’s all digital.

  9. PLEASE DO AUDIO BOOKS…. I would so sit and listen to you read. 😂😂

  10. thanks I just got this for my bday and I love it im a big artist myself but ive never got a pen thiss cool + I can use it on my I pad :p

  11. Does it have any trouble working through screen protectors ,like the Zagg and the glass ones?. Pencil is very overpriced for a object easily lost! I got the new IPad with cell,WiFi out the door under 500 but the pencil is 100?

  12. Do the iPad penci or pen works only iPad Pro Or it works in both of them iPad 2017 or iPad Pro? I want to buy!! Thank you buddy for your help and support!

  13. I can’t believe I wasted my money on this. The Samsung devices that uses pens are precision tools. I have a Note 8 and when I use my Samsung pen it’s flawless and the feature are perfect. My Samsung tablet has a pen that deliver great art and writing is as easy as picking up a pen to paper. I think this product Is over price and not worth the money and it’s a hassle to carry. Hopefully Apple learn a few things from Samsung.

  14. They have some pretty awesome cases for it that latches onto your case via magnets or stretch bands.

  15. I’ve charged my iPad pencil before, and it’s worked. Now, it’s not charging. What am I doing wrong, or what do I need to do?

  16. Well if anyone is watching in 2018, there’s an ipad that goes with the apple pencil that’s only $330

  17. I’ve got a better pencil, it’s made of wood and graphite. It also is £88.84 cheaper 😊

  18. Apple will offer more different tips they said… it will drop in price they said

  19. great review.
    You can get a case that holds the pencil, pencil cap AND charger adapter. Very useful

  20. When the 1ms lag of the pen of a tablet,I will just buy buy buy.

  21. this make the microsoft surface look like something from the 1980's

  22. I bought a nice leather ipad case on Etsy that has a pencil sleeve built-in, but it would be nice if Apple gave you a clip or something to attach the pencil directly to the ipad and/or cover.

  23. How I can draw on the iPad with Apple pencil and touching the screen at the same time without staining the drawing???? it's pretty frustrating

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