I finally got a replacement for my faulty iMac Pro from the Genius Bar. I’m still mad.

Uncut conversation with the Apple Store managers –

The Apple Store Genius Bar destroyed my iMac Pro. After I made a huge fuss about it, they finally replaced it. But it sure wasn’t easy to get it done and I’m still mad at Apple for their lack of “pro” customer support.

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  1. Sorry for the delay in getting this up. I got sick with mono (ughhhh) so I'm gonna be a bit swollen and tired for the next month or so—gonna keep making videos though!! ?

  2. After what they put you through surly you should be entitled to some sort of compensation ?? Awesome video and the fact you didn't give up where some people would of just shows that if you persist you win but I just cant get over the fact they sent you away with an extremely expensive machine that they had damaged, unbelievable !!

  3. Moral of the story… stop buying Apple products! They are expensive shite that are designed to break.

  4. I wake up, I’m triggered. I unscrew, I’m triggered. My iMac breaks, I’m triggered. I get a new one, I’m triggered.

  5. Plz guy if u are reading this u will save money if u are going to buy imac pro. Plz guys build ur own pc. I have build my own pc all the high end part that i bought it come roughly 2.7k. My pc spec shits on the 5k imac specs. In my pc i could literally play 4k quality and i will still have no lag. If u play 4k quality on the iMac I'm pretty sure u are going to lag because it can not handle it.

  6. I think Apple should think more about go back to design more user friendly machines…like the old MacPro…and learn more about offering more complete packaging kits for all Apple's consumers…like including a usb type C cable instead of the usb type A cable with the iPhone's and iPad's…for an exemple…



  8. Steve Jobs was an asshole but he took pride in Apple.Some assholes can be likable.Tim Cook is just a scumbag and scumbags can't be likable.Tim is destroying Apple.They should just make the Woz CEO.

  9. I bought a MacBook pro 15" over the Microsoft Surface Pro. I didn't need a touch screen and the extra money for MS I just couldn't justify it. I always felt the iMacs were way over priced and from what I can see a pricey computer with virtually no backup service. I build my own windows machines and use the macbook for on the move.

  10. Go ahead and be mad, just remember to save those dollars for the next time Apple reveals a new shiny thing….
    You bought Apple, you deal with it. Stop whinging about your own stupidity in supporting a company that DOES NOT care about you after you pay.

  11. i phoned up apple technical spurt about the icloud lock on my iPhone 4 that i got given by a school by friend and they told me i need proof of perches and if i don't have proof of perches they can't help me i think this is bs and apple getting greedy in the marketing department

  12. Great Video man I'm happy you got a new one that's what I would have done too but then I'd buy my own stainless steel screws toss those others out and enjoy for the rest of its life.

  13. Yep.. my 400$ 8 year old pc still running every program I throw at it flawlessly….pro tools, maschine, reaper only the most taxing shit you can throw at a desktop

  14. If u weren't a moron u would of told them to give you ur 5 grand back and bought a motorcycle. Stupid fucking computer

  15. Why do they call them geniuses? They come off as nothing but retards, to be honest.

    Apple, overpriced dogshit. for $5000 you could probably build the same computer or something quivilent 5 times over.

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