Apple Sheep Unboxes OnePlus 7 Pro (Nebula Blue)

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  1. You do know the IP water restance is just a test for how well it is water proof. Oneplus did the test in house, it will be fine with splashes, rain, hell in a puddle of water it will be fine. Honestly who puts their phone near large pools of water anyway, electronics and water don't mix

  2. Who else here eats penut better and butter? Or is it just me? The only jelly I eat is mango and orange flavor and separate

  3. Al.ost every phone manufacturer has left apple in the past. Even after this years iPhone is released still will be so.

  4. What a shame such a beautiful device runs Android. Primary colours on crappy square white boxes and nothing futuristic about Google’s design language.

  5. I switched from the XS Max to the Oneplus 7 Pro and it's hard to go back. The wrap charge is too good and that screen when watching media on the phone is heaven. I do miss my apple watch though but the Airpods sync better and I'm using the 1st ones lol also the okay google works.

  6. I wish another manufacturer had a full offering like Apple does. Until then you can jerk off as much as you like about the features until the next day when you realise ALL your work flow needs to be adjusted and Apples ecosystem and interoperability has just gone out the window. If all you had was a phone and nothing else then it wins hands down. There's more though, much more with Apple's ecosystem.

  7. When I bought my iPhone 8 I didn’t give much thought to wireless charging but I bought a Qi charger when I bought the phone…now…I can’t imagine owning a phone without wireless charging. They way I use my phone and live my life wireless charging has made battery life almost irrelevant.

  8. I bought the phone yesterday and received it today. I can say this, the phone is not so big as everyone says, and I switched from an iPhone SE soo… Transfered all my apps on it and everything worked nice and smooth. Right now the pictures, videos and music gets transfered through their switch app (about 40GB).

  9. I was a hard core apple fan boy. But now I'm watching this video in the one plus 7 pro

  10. Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that his right mustache is straight and the left one is down ?

  11. This is the phone that would bring me back to android. But I’m too stuck in the Apple ecosystem now lol

  12. I had the OnePlus One back when I was a huge android fan and I loved it. I love my iPhones more, but still

  13. I would like to see if you can use the fingerprint sensor as it learns about your finger and gets better every time you use it so will it learn your finger or not

  14. 5:58 he says this is so smooth very enthusiastically and hes failing to even swipe anywhere🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. "never settle" except its nearly $700 a far cry from the original price and it still doesn't even have Qi charging or a headphone jack.

  16. Ayy I just received my 7 Pro a few hours ago. This is the first video I'm watching on it. Coming from a 2016 Pixel, this phone feels like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie

  17. Got my OnePlus 7pro today and I'm loving it. This thing is butter and the screen is mind blowing.
    Major system update on set up.
    Really shocked how good the camera is after this latest update.
    Just buy this phone you won't be disappointed.

  18. I would love a flat display on that bad boy and maybe a 6" or 6.2" display instead of the 6.5"

  19. Great video, because the XS Max is a hell of a phone, so it’s interesting how you feel the One Plus screen is better. Both are a bit too big for me, my XR is big enough… this year has been good for reasonably priced phones with the Pixel 3A and the new One Plus 7 Pro.

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