Apple Special Event 2011 – iPhone 4S Introduction

Introduced in October 2011, the iPhone 4S represented a significant under-the-hood hardware upgrade from the original iPhone 4. Apple claimed a 2x CPU and 9x GPU performance improvement as a result of the inclusion of the custom-designed A5 system-on-a-chip (which first appeared in the iPad 2). The iPhone 4S included both the CDMA-compatability of the iPhone 4 (CDMA), making it a true “world phone.” It also included the minor case redesign, which, along with internal antenna design…


  1. The keynote happened one day before Steve Jobs died. I wish he was here for this.

  2. Just ordered a black iPhone 4s with original box… It's just Soo nice.. "it's closest kin is like a beautiful old leica camera" – Steve Jobs at the iPhone 4 presentation… iPhone X uses the same glass and stainless steel materials too… Right now I'm on my beautiful matte black 7plus with 128gb…

  3. The 4s seemed so much faster! Little did we know at the time that apple was fucking with the software to make older phones slower. My wife and I had said something about it for years before they finally admitted to it.

  4. Look how crowd does not react as it reacted for the past(4,3gs,3g,iphone original)

  5. Remember when people were so hyped to see the iPhone 5 but this happened instead?
    This was before we got used to S upgrades

  6. Watching this on my 4s lol 😁😃 still amazing with iOS 9

  7. Ya’ll complaining bout how they were boring up until 2014, may I remind you that this keynote was right after Steve’s death, even in the first few seconds, Phil looked hurt

  8. Que maravilha adorei muito lindo quem mindera ganhar um desis eu ficaria muito feliz mesmo

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