Apple Sport Loop $49 VS Qifit Sport Loop $16

Qifit New Nylon Sport Loop with Hook and Loop Fastener Adjustable Closure Wrist Strap Replacment Band for iwatch Apple Watch Series 1 /2/ 3

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  1. unbelievable: how s.o. can buy watch bands for >15 bugs?. !! plastic !! bands production cost ~2 $ or less. too crazy in my opinion to buy those watch bands from Apple store. the competitor bands quality is mostly equal. by the way: thiose plastic bands look cheap and are in my opinion just ugly. would never wear such stuff with my $500 apple watch. sorry.

  2. The width of the aftermarket sport loop bands are noticeably narrower ?. Also, the lugs on them are ill fitting, by comparison ?. So, thinking to just buy a $50 Apple sport loop band ??‍♂️

  3. Hi, thanks for a great review! I’m wondering Apple band is for 145-220 mm wrist. This one is longer. Will it fit 165 mm wrist??

  4. Impressive. Quick question, they are ideal for swimming as well?

  5. That’s awesome!! I’m always looking for the best band for my Apple Watch too! Your an MRI Tech right? I’m a Sonographer here in Utah!;) Imaging folks are always the cool nerds…Right?

  6. Awesome! Might have to check these out for my Apple Watch series 1, the fact that you had to check which one was the Apple Watch says it all ?

  7. How is the velcro is it strong? I am just concerned that the velcro will off but I am assuming you can always attach another one to the strap right?

  8. great video! well done on the review I just got one of the Qifits for mine

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